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Our snow (and ice) day

Even weeds were beautiful yesterday with their coats of ice. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.
We saw a lot of folks sledding, snowboarding, and innertubing down steep South McClellan.
Neighbor Cindy Vanous writes: "A few months ago, we had the 'remuddled' front and back porches of our 1923 Beacon Hill home removed and rebuilt according to the 1930’s census photo of the house. We also had new windows built in the same lovely style as the originals, and painted the whole thing to better show off the details… yesterday evening, it all paid off in one perfect photo. This is what I love about our hill: street after street of these beautiful Craftsman bungalows, still standing strong after earthquakes, windstorms, countless shifts in architectural fashion, and nearly a century of everyday use."
In the snow, a street grate becomes abstract art. Photo by Robinette Struckel in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
Shoppers parked their sleds and toboggans while shopping at the Rainier Avenue QFC. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.

Bungalow renovation blog

Follow along at beaconhillbungalow.blogspot.com as new Beacon Hill neighbors Laura and “Labor Foreman” (does that make her Laura Foreman?) utterly disassemble and then put back together a 1920 bungalow to their own design. They’ve been doing mostly demolition since getting started just over a month ago, and are now gearing up for rebuilding. Everything from plumbing to insulation to counter tops is just beginning to come together now.

It saddens me a bit to see the house with so much original craftsmanship be completely gutted. Here’s hoping their plans are not only perfect for them, but are also well-suited to the bones and character of the house.

Welcome, Laura and “Labor”! (I think his name is actually Justin.)

Holiday lights: 16th Avenue South

Holiday lights look so much prettier in the snow, don’t they? Here’s a cute little bungalow blanketed in snow and lights, on 16th Avenue South near the library. (Know of more? Email us. If you’ve taken photos you want us to feature, email them, or add them to the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.

The lights are pretty through the snow!
The lights are pretty through the snow!

Here’s a map of all the houses we’ve posted about so far (now marked with little green trees). Scroll or zoom out on the map to see the other houses:

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What are five things you love about Beacon Hill?

I love that I can get a cappuccino like this only 5 minutes walk from home! Photo by Wendi.
I love that I can get a cappuccino like this only 5 minutes' walk from home! Photo by Wendi.
The Ms. Adventures in Italy blog had a post the other day, “Five Things I Love About San Francisco.” She invited readers to post their own “Five Things I Love About _______” lists on their own blogs. I started thinking about what I love about Seattle, and then thought “hey, why not Beacon Hill?”

So I ask you all, what are the five things you love about Beacon Hill? Please post in the comments. If you have photos, please email them to us or put them in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool at Flickr.

I’ll get things started with my list. I live in North Beacon so this might be biased toward that area:

  • The light rail that will be serving us in less than a year!
  • The lovely old Craftsman bungalows that haven’t been “remuddled” beyond all recognition
  • The tasty food and drink available on Beacon Avenue these days (particularly El Quetzal and Victrola)
  • The new library: beautiful, and full of the best things in the world: books!
  • The sound of the gospel singing from the Baptist Church across from the Library, echoing through the evening air in summer when the windows are open

So what are your five?

Next week I may ask for the five things you’d like to improve about the Hill, but for now, we’ll stay on the positive side.