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Walking with Tica: Summertime and the living is noisy

Tica yawning in the hot sun. Photo by Melissa.
Tica yawning in the hot sun. Photo by Melissa.
We aren’t walking much this weekend. Tica is zonked from the heat and freaked by the fireworks. She wants to go out, but pulls strongly towards home as soon as she hears a crack, snapple, or pop. Often, she’ll be too afraid to even potty.  I have to be watchful and remember to let her in the backyard when it’s quiet.

If you have dogs (or cats), remember that they need extra consideration over the next few weeks. Many animals react very strongly to fireworks, thunder, and other loud noises.  My cats don’t seem to mind fireworks as much as Tica, but all of us suffer when the Blue Angels are practicing. The cats hide under the bed and are out of sorts.

Here are some ideas that work well for our furry roommates in July:

  • Go out early in the morning, when it’s cool and quiet
  • Keep dogs on leash
  • Make sure all animals have identification with current information–even reliable pets can panic and escape
  • If you’re traveling, update ID tags with cell phone numbers and NEVER leave pets in the car/truck
  • Provide shelter/shade for outdoor animals
  • Check all gates and fences–are they secure?  If your dog can jump the fence, consider tying out during peak noise
  • Make sure your pets have constant access to fresh water
  • Run fans and/or radios for background noise during Blue Angels practices or performances, or if someone in the neighborhood is setting off leftover fireworks from the Fourth
  • Consider locking pet doors and keeping pets inside if they seem fearful
  • Be patient and compassionate

Speaking of kitties–I’ve posted several snapshots of cats we notice on our walks to the Beacon Hill Blog flickr group. If you have a BeHi feline, post your pictures to the group.