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Top of the Hill: our first annual survey, open now

Summer’s almost over, and it’s time for the first annual Beacon Hill Blog “Top of the Hill” survey!

The survey lets you tell us what your favorite places are on the Hill, or, sometimes, your least favorite. Some of the questions are serious, some are frivolous, but the results should be entertaining, at the very least.

The survey will be open for two weeks. It will close on September 11. We’ll show you the results shortly after that.

The survey is open to anyone who lives or works or spends lots of time on Beacon Hill.

Go here to fill out the survey, and have fun!

Discuss the bus over pancakes

Metro bus in West Seattle -- thanks Seattle Municipal Archives!
Metro bus in West Seattle -- thanks Seattle Municipal Archives!
We posted earlier about this Saturday’s pancake breakfast, and about potential bus service changes in Southeast Seattle. Today, Jodie Vice of Beacon Hill Pedestrians posted some further information to the mailing list that allows us to combine both topics:

There has been quite a bit of discussion about bus service changes when light rail comes on board. It would be great to have a discussion about this and fill out our surveys as a neighborhood! I’ve contacted Metro and they are sending me about 50 surveys (in multiple languages) to hand out at the Pancake Breakfast THIS Saturday at El Centro – 9:30AM.

A bus service and light rail discussion will go hand-in-hand at our forum on creating a town center, because you can not create a “town center” without adequate access by ALL modes. We have an amazing opportunity with the light rail to be more connected to southend neighborhoods and downtown, but bus service is still crucial for local trips.

The current Metro plans include a potential crosstown route that will connect the Hill with West Seattle, possible changes to the 38 to eliminate redundant service once the light rail opens, and more.

Thanks Jodie and BHP!

Let Metro know!

King County Metro is conducting a survey concerning potential changes to a number of routes that service Beacon Hill and the surrounding area. Service changes are being considered for many routes, including the 36. Potential cancellation is being considered for routes 7X, 32, 34, 35, 38, 39 , 42, 42X, 126, 194, and 195.

Take the survey online or mail in the printed form if you received one. Completed questionnaires are due by Nov. 6, 2008.

Thanks to Willie Weir for bringing this up on the list.