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Crime notes: bikes, racks, plants gone missing

More plant pilfering in the neighborhood reported on the mailing list. From Erin on 15th between Plum and Holgate:

Sometime between Saturday, Sept 5 noon and Sunday, Sept 6 6.00 PM someone stole a small Japanese maple tree from our driveway. We have a common/shared driveway not visible from the street.

And last night, Destiny near 14th and Spokane had a bicycle stolen, and it wasn’t even hers:

My husband just got back from Burning Man, and washed off the bike we borrowed from a friend: a Maroon Trek mountain bike. He set it on the side of our town house to dry, and someone STOLE it our of our little yard while it was drying last night. Now we own my best friend $700.

Please be on the lookout for a maroon Trek Mountain bike with straight handlebars. It’s a few years old but in great condition.

Justin on 20th between Hanford and Stevens followed up:

Maybe they needed a rack to go with it. Somebody ripped my Yakima rack off my car last night…

If you’ve got any tips or information for Erin, Destiny, or Justin, drop us a line and we’ll get you in touch.