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Recent Beacon Hill sights

More photos from the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.

This historic Seattle Transit trolley bus visited Beacon Hill last weekend for a Metro Employees Historic Vehicle Association tour. Photo by l0st2.
Some street painters on South Holgate might have gotten distracted while working. Photo by divide.
Kids making crayon rubbings from the engraved patterns in the tiles at Beacon Hill Station plaza, last Sunday during the first Beacon Rocks! event. Photo by Julia Cheng.

Beacon Bits: Cupcakes and buses and health inspections

Cupcakes from Wink
A sample of Wink's wares. Photo by Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake.

Cupcakes coming to VictrolaWink Cupcakes will be available through three Victrola coffee houses, including our own at 3215 Beacon Ave S.

* * *

Health inspectionsAsa Mercer Middle School, Dearborn Park Elementary, Maple Elementary School, Cleveland High School, Fiesta-Mex Video, Beacon Avenue Shell, Beacon Hill 76, Inay’s, Java Love, and Lucky Seafood.
Congratulations to Asa Mercer, Dearborn Park, Maple, and Cleveland for perfect 0-point inspections!

* * *

SDOT wants your opinion on Metro’s electric buses that get their power from Seattle City Light. They’ve been pondering retiring electric trolley buses for a while, replacing them with diesel coaches. (And everyone knows that diesel is always reasonably priced.)

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Frank Nam spotted this topically-amended sign in the restroom at the Beacon Hill Library.