Golden Daisy closed for remodeling

Photo by Letting Go of Control
Photo by Letting Go of Control

You know, I’ve never been to the Golden Daisy Chinese restaurant, and were I to want to remedy that, it looks like I’d need to wait until the 8th: they’re closed through November 7th for remodeling.

Golden Daisy is located on Beacon Avenue near 15th Avenue South, next door to Spoon’s.

Since I’ve never been there, if anyone has a review or can recommend a particular dish that I must try, please say so in the comments.

One thought on “Golden Daisy closed for remodeling”

  1. Never been to the Golden Daisy either, but going today, don’t know whether they are open on Sunday or not. We had a going away party at work, management ordered a whole roasted piglet from Golden Daisy, it was fantastic! The skin was so crispy and tasty! There’s a jerk restaurant where my family eats every day when we’re in Montego Bay, called the Pork Pit. While I was raving about how good the Golden Daisy pig was, my wife asked me if it was as good as the Pork Pit. Yes, definitely! If it turns out Golden Daisy is closed today, I’m going back tomorrow for takeout!

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