Gunfire last night, no injuries reported

Around 11:30 last night, numerous shots were fired in the 5400 block of 23rd Avenue South, just off Beacon Avenue South.

The SPD Blotter reports:

On November 2nd at 11:30 PM South Precinct officers responded to numerous calls that multiple shots were fired in the area of 5400 23rd S. Officers found over 20 shell casings in the roadway and 6+ bullets and fragments inside a nearby residence. No one inside could give a reason as to why their house was targeted. A car that matched the description of one used in an earlier shooting was parked outside the house. Officers located the owner, got a consent to search the car, and found a gun and drugs in the trunk.

The goings-on at the house fired upon have previously been an issue with nearby residents.

The Rainier Valley Post also has a report.

Thanks to Katrina on the mailing list for the alert.

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