Denmark architect to speak on transit-oriented neighborhood planning

At 6:00pm on April 28th, in the Bertha Knight Landes room at city hall (600 4th Ave.), the Seattle Planning Commission and councilmember Sally Clark are bringing in Helle Søholt from Copenhagen-based Gehl Architects to speak on the topic of creating walkable and bike-able neighborhoods, especially around transit sites.

From the announcement:

How do we transform auto-oriented communities to make pedestrian-friendly communities? Helle Soholt of Gehl Architects will discuss the vibrant mix needed for creating successful communities. Copenhagen-based Gehl Architects is a world leader in urban design.

For more info please contact Barbara Wilson, Executive Director with the Seattle Planning Commision: 206.684.0431 or

3 thoughts on “Denmark architect to speak on transit-oriented neighborhood planning”

  1. I am involved in a event to inform and celebrate the start of ST light rail this summer. I have been looking for but have been unable to find info on 1)how bikes will board/exit ST light rail cars, first, last, or when ever. 2)how many bikes can board per car 3)where will they be allowed to locate on the car 4)will there be places for bikes to lockup @ stations 5)is there a fee for bikes to board

    Richard Wilson
    Sustainable South Seattle

  2. Here’s the page for bicycles on current services, which includes Tacoma Link Light rail. It doesn’t look like there’s much in the way of rules.

    There’s a FAQ for the proposed line to Bellevue that says stations will have bike lockers, but I can’t come up with anything for the stations that are actually almost complete.

  3. Copenhagen, if I’m not mistaken, is absolutely flat. I’m interested to hear what strategies will work in Seattle.

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