13 thoughts on “Larcenous landscaper caught on camera”

  1. Where was this exactly? We live just north of Jefferson Park and have had some problems.

  2. This was at our neighbor’s house on Bayview between 16th and 17th, across the street from El Centro. Over the past few years, there have been a ton of plant thefts in this stretch.

  3. Did you contact the police with this video? Awhile back there was a professional landscaper from way up north (like Edmonds) who was caught doing this in our neighborhood. Second idea, the guy who maintains the beautiful garden between 12th and 13th near the freeway caught a nearby neighbor doing this last year. I will ask him to look at the video. The thief lived on 13th. You might cruise 13th and see if your plants are showing up in someone else’s yard.

  4. I have my suspicions that this is indeed a neighbor of ours. I have seen at least one plant in his yard that is identical to one stolen from my yard.

  5. He is not mentally disturbed because he’s doing this at night. He is someone who does not respect boundaries, and he needs to have a nice embarrassing visit from the police in front of the neighborhood.

  6. That’s hilarious! I mean other than the fact that it was my neighbors plants – sorry! – but even if they were my own, I’d still be laughing… I mean, how can you not? That’s the best dressed plant thief I’ve ever seen! Some people get suited up to go to the office, but this guy gets suited up for midnight petty crime sorties! Even the way he nervously sucked down that cigarette made for a wonderfully pathetic performance…

  7. Yes, we know who this scumbag is, and he has stolen plants from our yard too (and probably a tree!) We will be contacting the police shortly.

  8. Update on the plant thief… several neighbors identified him as someone who lives at the corner 16th Ave S & College. We called the cops out again and the officer watched the video and went and talked to the thief (who denied it of course). Unfortunately, that probably is as far as it will go – it would be very unlikely that he is actually going to be charged with the theft unless more evidence is provided by others. Hopefully the cop talking to him (in front of his entire family) was enough to scare him or shame him.

  9. Which corner of 16th Ave S and College? I am on 17th and Bayview and I’d like to send him a bill for all the plants he has stolen from me.

  10. I too have had plants stolen; a tree from the back and a shrub from the front. Has anyone had any success stopping this guy?

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