Chesnut has been found

(Editors’ note, May 21: Chesnut has now been found. Thanks for your help, everyone!)

Saber Head writes, looking for a lost cat:

Hi there-

I lost my cat last night on Saturday, May 9th on 12th and Atlantic. He is a male domestic silver tabby and goes by the name Chesnut. When called he does come to the sound of his name. His stripes are very faint, and barely visible, he has lighter coloring on his chin and has white lines around his eyes (looks like white eyeliner). He is quite friendly, but I dont know what his behaviour might be outside. He likes shrubs and bushes, if you happen to see this cat around, please call us! He is an indoor cat and has been outside once or twice. Please let us know if you see him. I am so worried about him!

Last seen: May 9th, 10 PM
Type: Silver tabby-Faint stripes-lighter color around mouth and underbelly

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  1. I called this person and she says she FOUND HER CAT! You might want to remove this posting. 🙂

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