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Raised-bed veggie gardens for seniors: volunteers, candidates needed

photo by Sbocaj
photo by Sbocaj
Kahlyn Keilty-Lucas, El Centro de la Raza Senior Garden Project Coordinator, is running a project to provide raised-bed vegetable gardens for seniors, providing outdoor activity along with some self-sufficiency and money-savings on groceries to our older neighbors.

The gardens are housed in a four by six by two foot box, allowing them to be placed in the yard, in an unused driveway, or even atop a paved-over planting strip. Seeds, vegetable starts, and gardening tools will be provided. A weekly visit from master gardener volunteers is available to those who may have growing questions.

The project has funding (courtesy of the United Way) and materials to provide 40 gardens, but is currently lacking on manpower to get them set-up and in place. If you know a local senior that would enjoy learning about and tending to a little vegetable garden, or if you have some basic tools or a truck and could volunteer to help assemble, transport, or install them, please contact Kahlyn at El Centro (612-387-8481).