A bear that gets around?

This morning around 10:30, there were reports of a bear sighting near 17th & Ferdinand, and motorcycle officers were dispatched to search southward along the Chief Sealth Trail from about 5000 Beacon Avenue.

KING5 and KIRO-TV have preliminary reports.

If this turns out to be the same bear that made the news up north earlier this week, that bear really gets around!

11:50 Update: The P-I reports paw prints and a gnawed-on ice cream container found near the Beacon Hill P-Patch. And KOMO now has initial coverage.

12:45 Update: The P-I adds that Department of Fish and Wildlife Sgt. Kim Chandler doubts the credibility of the reported sighting and that “wildlife agents will not be responding unless additional, more credible reports are received.

1:30 Update: The Weekly on the false bear alarm.

2:15 Update: The P-I now has pictures of the P-Patch tracks.

6:00 Update: The Big Blog has a photo of the ice cream evidence and Blogging Georgetown breaks out the hazard stats for black bear attacks.

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  1. I gotta tell you how awesome your blog is: I heard the helicopters over my neighborhood before noon today and wondered what was up. YOU had the info! Thanks to you both!

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