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Coyotes seen in the neighborhood

Neighbor Vinna wrote with a warning:

“On Tuesday, Nov 20th around 1:30 a.m. I was driving home and on the corner of College and 21st Ave South I believe I saw a coyote. It was dark and I was able to take a picture. The next day I learned that my neighbor of four cats was missing one and found another half eaten.

“I want my fellow neighbors to be aware and thought this might be the best way in case others had pets that may be outside.”

Coyote sightings were also the subject of some discussion on the Beacon Hill mailing list this week, where neighbor Waldene wrote:

Around 9:30 pm Monday evening a coyote was on the SE corner of 12th and I believe Lee Street right across from PacMed. He acted like a scared, lost dog. I didn’t know what to do so I pulled up next to him/her and blew my horn. I was hoping to scare it back into Lewis Park but instead it ran across 12th. It looked confused.

Coyote sightings aren’t unusual on Beacon Hill. We also see raccoons and possums visiting our yards sometimes. Please keep your pets safe.

Photo by Vinna Nanola.

Beacon Hill: coyote country?

Coyote in the city. Photo by Dru Bloomfield.
Recently neighbors have posted reports of coyotes to the Beacon Hill Mailing List. Neighbor Heather wrote, “Saturday, at 7 p.m. there was a huge coyote in my backyard. I live on 12th Ave. S. and Stevens St. All my animals are accounted for, but I feel lucky to say the least… Just thought anyone on the hill would want to know.”

Another neighbor, Jean, replied: “They visit me too… 20th and Bayview. Keep your kids (pets) inside at night. Pleez!!”

A few days ago, the West Seattle Blog posted a sad tale about a resident losing his cat to what was probably a coyote. The WSB recommends the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Living With Coyotes web page for information and advice about the critters. The page advises:

“Coyotes are curious but timid animals and will generally run away if challenged. However, remember that any wild animal will protect itself or its young. Never instigate a close encounter.”

Beacon Bits: Coyotes, carols, and a Christmas tree

Skin Deep Dance troupe is performing tribal-style belly dance at Inay’s Asian Pacific Cuisine on Saturday December 11 and again on December 18. Shows are at 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm, and waiter Louie will also appear in drag. There’s no cover, but bring cash for tips. Inay’s is located at 2503 Beacon Avenue South.

* * *

Photo by emdot via Creative Commons.
Neighbor Lily sent this report a week or so ago: “I just wanted to report that I believe I’ve heard coyotes howling a lot this morning near Dearborn Park.” We at the BHB have actually seen Beacon Hill coyotes within the last couple of years, crossing the street near 17th and Walker. It’s definitely not a new problem. Please keep your pets safe.

* * *

El Centro is hosting a tree lighting ceremony later this month. Las Posadas, “A Neighborhood Celebration of the Holidays,” is from 4:30-6:00 pm on Monday, December 20 at El Centro de la Raza, 2524 16th Avenue South.

Besides lighting the Christmas tree, the event will feature caroling by the Beaconettes, a visit from Santa, holiday treats, and more.

A reminder: El Centro is also selling Christmas trees until December 19.

* * *

A business named Underground Lighthouse recently applied for a microbrewery liquor license at 2981 South Webster Street. This is not a commercial location, so unfortunately it probably won’t be a Beacon Hill brewpub, but maybe they will sell their beer to some of our local establishments. This appears to be their website.

* * *

Stencil artist Urban Soule (Kim McCarthy) has art currently hanging at Victrola Coffee on Beacon Avenue. Here is a Facebook gallery of the show. Here is more of the artist’s work on Flickr.

* * *

Beacon Hill’s own a cappella group, The Beaconettes, recently took the People’s Choice award at the Great Figgy Pudding Street-Corner Caroling Competition for the second year in a row, singing Seattle-centric versions of carols including “My Favorite Things” and “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

The event, a fundraiser for the Pike Market Senior Center and Downtown Food Bank, was held last Friday, December 3 at Westlake Center. 35 choirs competed in front of a large and cheerful crowd. Here are a couple of videos of the Beaconettes’ performance.

A bear that gets around?

This morning around 10:30, there were reports of a bear sighting near 17th & Ferdinand, and motorcycle officers were dispatched to search southward along the Chief Sealth Trail from about 5000 Beacon Avenue.

KING5 and KIRO-TV have preliminary reports.

If this turns out to be the same bear that made the news up north earlier this week, that bear really gets around!

11:50 Update: The P-I reports paw prints and a gnawed-on ice cream container found near the Beacon Hill P-Patch. And KOMO now has initial coverage.

12:45 Update: The P-I adds that Department of Fish and Wildlife Sgt. Kim Chandler doubts the credibility of the reported sighting and that “wildlife agents will not be responding unless additional, more credible reports are received.

1:30 Update: The Weekly on the false bear alarm.

2:15 Update: The P-I now has pictures of the P-Patch tracks.

6:00 Update: The Big Blog has a photo of the ice cream evidence and Blogging Georgetown breaks out the hazard stats for black bear attacks.