Amazon Fresh comes to Beacon Hill

Coming soon to your street. Photo by Jason Walsh.
Coming soon to your street. Photo by Jason Walsh.
The Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service has now come to Beacon Hill. There has been some resentment here on the Hill that, despite having Amazon’s offices right here in North Beacon, we were left out of the delivery area. Now ZIP codes 98144, 98108, and 98118 in Southeast Seattle are eligible for deliveries. (According to the website, however, delivery to 98144 and 98118 is still only partial; they don’t provide a map to show which parts of those ZIP codes don’t get deliveries yet, but if you enter your address on the site you can find out if your house qualifies.)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said that Amazon Fresh won’t be expanding outside of the Seattle area anytime soon, so it makes sense they’d be adding more Seattle neighborhoods into the delivery area.

Now, if only Pagliacci would deign to notice Southeast Seattle…

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I’m surprised I didn’t get an email notification about this from Amazon. I signed up over a year ago to receive an email alert to inform me when they finally could deliver to my home on 19th (a couple blocks north of Jefferson Golf Course). I had noticed that friends in the tonier parts of Mt. Baker (also 98144) were already getting deliveries. Just another sign that the demographics on the north part of the Hill are changing…perhaps due to the new light rail station and affordable housing for first time owners?

  2. I didn’t get an email notice either and I had also signed up for one. Of course, maybe the notice is buried in my junk folder…

  3. If you want pizza delivered to your home on Beacon Hill, call All-Purpose Pizza on Jackson, 324-TOGO. Excellent Sourdough pizza and salads. Eat-in is good too, with a good pitcher special if you buy a pizza, M-Th.

    Pagliacci is overrated.


  4. I agree that Pagliacci is overrated, but it would be nice to have another choice besides the mega pizza corporations. I love All Purpose Pizza but according to their website they don’t deliver west of Rainier. David, do you know something that I don’t?

  5. All Purpose delivers if they’re not too busy. Mad Pizza on Madison also delivers–it’s okay, but not great.

    And Amazon Fresh doesn’t deliver to our side of McClellan. I was a huge Home Grocer fan, but now I’ve gotten in the habit of walking to the store and getting fresh ingredients every few days.

    I probably won’t be ordering from Amazon Fresh. It irks me that they’ll deliver to Mt. Baker & not Beacon Hill. Phooey on them.

  6. Okay–I humbly retract my above comment. They have indeed started delivering to our address. But, as Schweinhund (#3) said–what about the Red Apple? And McPherson’s?

    I can find what I need here on Beacon Hill, with side trips to Georgetown (Full Throttle Bottles, Dog Dream pet supplies) and SoDo (Wine Outlet, Pacific Food Importers

    This might be sour grapes, and I’ll get excited about grocery delivery again…but for now, I’m enjoying supporting neighborhood business. Amazon is, technically, local…but not for long.

  7. I like Pagliacci just fine, so I don’t care if to some it’s overrated. Mostly, though, I am offended that they will locate in every part of Seattle except SE, and a Pagliacci employee once told me that they would never open in SE Seattle because it’s “too dangerous.”

    To Schweinhund: Using Amazon Fresh doesn’t mean people won’t still shop at Red Apple.

    Melissa: Why wouldn’t they deliver on that side of McClellan? It doesn’t make sense. It would be an odd place to draw the line, since they deliver north of Beacon Hill, as far as I recall. Very weird!

    In my case I find that home delivery saves me money because I don’t get tempted by impulse buys. Also, I can shop sitting at my computer, looking up recipes, etc. so it makes my shopping more organized. For me, it works better than going to the store, but then I do still go to local stores for some things.

    I also get milk delivery from the Smith Brothers milkman. I love Red Apple, but I don’t feel I owe them my business every time I buy any food. At the moment, Amazon itself is a Beacon Hill business, too… (but not for long, I guess.)

  8. Oh, I see you posted while I was writing my post. Heh.

    I have been disappointed by Mad Pizza. The first time I went to the store, the pizza was great, but since then when we’ve ordered for delivery it’s been kind of blah.

    Now, Romio’s is another option I keep forgetting about. The one in Sodo is only open until 5 pm (!!!) but supposedly there is another one that delivers to North Beacon, at least. (Maybe Jason can fill us in on that one.) I like Romio’s a lot.

    Maybe it’s not Pagliacci delivery I want, but a sit-down Pagliacci. For a small eater like me, pizza by the slice is a great deal, and their pizza is almost always better in-store than by delivery. And I’ve been eating it since I first went to the U-District store in 1979, when they opened, so I have a definite soft-spot for Pag’s. Really, pizza ON the hill would be great!

    Back in the day (long before my time) most grocery stores delivered, didn’t they? And pharmacies? What if, 5 years from now, Red Apple had a delivery service? (Or maybe they could band together with other local groceries to do delivery? The organization would handle the website while the local store would send out the orders, with a delivery charge?)

  9. Maybe they’ve gotten better, but All-Purpose Pizza was marginally edible the one time we had it delivered a couple years ago. It had the consistency of dense carboard (un-corregated). Also, both the person taking the order and the delivery person seemed annoyed to be going out of their way to come down here.

    We call Pagliacci once every month or so just to ask again is they deliver to Beacon Hill (they always say no). Sure would beat the Domino’s/Pizza Hut delivery options now.

  10. Patrick, that was my impression of All-Purpose as well, though I’ve heard lots of people rave about their pizza.

    I actually tried ordering from Amazon Fresh tonight. They had a few things that Red Apple doesn’t have. But what they didn’t have was heads of garlic, and red onions in stock. (They were out.) Additionally, some of the smaller items they sell they won’t sell as singles — you have a minimum order. Since there are only two of us, sometimes buying 3 of a particular vegetable is a waste. So we’ll still be buying daily produce locally, I imagine. And last minute items, spur of the moment snacks, etc. Red Apple will still be seeing us.

    Amazon Fresh had yogurt starter culture! That was pretty cool and I didn’t expect that. I think I will try to make some homemade yogurt this week.

  11. I e-mailed Pagliacci’s about the comments on this story related to pizza on Beacon Hill. Maybe they’ll deign to respond.

  12. +1 for All Purpose Pizza. We live near Judkins/12th and they deliver every time we call….and it’s better than most of what you can get in Seattle. A bit pricey, but good pizza in a town full of marginal pizza is worth it.

    Pagliacci’s is a bland, greasy mess in my opinion. I’ll eat it for free when work caters it, but that’s about it…

    We finally checked out Flying Squirel the other day…and it was pretty darn good as well. No delivery, but fairly close for pickup/eat in.

  13. I have been following the thread and wanted to provide a response. My name is Matt Galvin and I am the co-owner of Pagliacci Pizza.

    First off, thank you for the interest in having Pagliacci come to Beacon Hill. I lived off Yesler for years and wished we delivered to my house as well. We have been trying to expand our delivery into the Madison Valley, Madrona, Leschi and Central District for the last several years. Unfortunately, we have been unable to secure a long term lease in this neighborhood. My hope is that we will soon sign a lease and expand our delivery to roughly north of 1-90. It is unlikely that this location would deliver to Beacon Hill. However, this would move us one step closer to being able to service what is a great neighborhood.

    The plans are loose and are always predicated on continuing to find the right locations. We have modest growth plans in the near future and we tend to move slowly on expansion.

    I can tell you that my sister and many of our friends live on Beacon Hill. Your interest in having Pagliacci delivery to your neighborhood has been and continues to be hammered home by our friends and family on Beacon Hill.

    Thanks – Matt

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