The last bits of the blue wall coming down

The final portion of the blue sound wall surrounding the light rail station construction has come down. BeHi Bonsai was there and recorded some video of the process.

The opening is getting closer!

Thanks, B.B.!

(Edited to add: Jason was slightly misled. There is a tiny bit of the blue wall remaining. Most of the site, however, has been freed of its blue prison. Now the chain-link just needs to go away. — Wendi)

4 thoughts on “The last bits of the blue wall coming down”

  1. technically speaking…there is still a few feet left, but I bet if you rush over there you could see the last of it come down!

  2. argh! I went by last night and saw the last little section. Who knew? they were on a roll…I just assumed they would finish that day.

    But still…it’s really cool having the wall gone.

  3. Heh, that’s probably the third time we’ve gotten all excited about the wall going away, but they only removed part. 🙂

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