Beacon Bits: Missionaries, moving meats, and making crime more difficult

3 thoughts on “Beacon Bits: Missionaries, moving meats, and making crime more difficult”

  1. I’m glad the Swinery found a new home. But, at the same time, I feel like -between this and Buggy moving- that a lot of other neighborhoods are gaining from Beacon’s losses.Still, I look forward to checking out their new space next time I cross the bridge to West Seattle.

  2. What? No bacon for us? But if it were here it could be called Beacon Bacon, or Bacon Hill, or …the possibilities are endless…Will somebody please open a breakfast place with bacon? I promise to spend at least $100 a month there.


    THEY TOOK AMPLE AMOUNTS OF MONEY, from even people that hadn’t took a class at Culinary Communion, and then folded – knowing very well the whole time that they were going down. They promised at least some refund and without ever intending.

    VERY UNETHICAL PEOPLE and are now opening a new deli with former clients money.

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