Crime Notes: Dog park danger, Cheasty snatching, and more Jungle blues

Kristy emailed us recently pointing to an article from the Laurelhurst blog about attacks at the Magnuson dog park. This ties together somewhat with Travis‘s article recently on the KOMO blog about our own sparsely-attended dog park near the Jose Rizal bridge.

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On the mailing list, Mahalie wrote of a break-in along Cheasty where a laptop was stolen sometime Friday night or Saturday morning. Monica added a note about a garbage bag full of someone else’s mail dropped next to her recycling Friday or the night prior. (Sharon who lives in the 9XXX block of Renton Avenue South, you may be interested to know your garbage has moved.)

* * *

Another reported attack just off of Dearborn in “the Jungle” has been reported in the P-I by Casey McNerthney: Man found beaten with two-by-four. This is just the most recent report of violence and crime on the northern tippy-tip-tip of the hill next to I-90 in recent months.

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The Seattle Weekly pursues the Kino Gomez story further: Did Kino Gomez flee to die?

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