Thursday’s NBHC meeting agenda

From Judith Edwards, NBHC Chair:

The North Beacon Hill Council will meet Thursday, Nov. 5th at 7:00 PM in the Community Room of the Beacon Hill Library. All are welcome! You are a voting member of the Council if you have attended one meeting previously. The Council is our voice to city government, and your voice makes a difference.

This is an important meeting (as they all are!). Lyle Bicknell, Project Manager of the Neighborhood Planning Update team will present the results of the two open houses held in September to gain information on the plans prepared by the Department of Neighborhoods and Seattle Department of Planning and Development. These plans, which affect the area surrounding our new light rail station, are a response to input from the public meetings held here on North Beacon and the survey comments sent to the Department of Neighborhoods. It is important that your voice be heard, whether you agree or disagree, as these plans will be submitted for municipal code review by the end of the year.

Please note that board business and issues of concern to many community residents occur at the end our our meeting. You may choose only to stay for Lyle Bicknell’s report back, and a small break will allow those who wish to leave at that time to do so.

Thursday, Nov. 5, 2009 Agenda
North Beacon Hill Council
Beacon Hill Public Library
7:00 PM

  • 7:00 — Welcomes and introductions
  • 7:10 — Lyle Bicknell, City of Seattle – Neighborhood Plan Updates followed by questions and comments from the floor
  • 8:00 — Community Reports and Concerns (2-3 minutes each)
    • Steve Louie, Neighborhood Coordinator
    • Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee (Judith Edwards)
    • Greater Duwamish District Council (Matthew Stubbs, NBHC rep)
    • Neighborhood Planning Ad Hoc Committee
    • Jefferson Park Playground
    • Seattle Police Department – Safety (Shelly Bates)
    • Festival Street Opening (Curtis LaPierre)
    • Other
  • 8:30 — Close