Crime notes: Civic stolen, scanner catch-up

Dan Dean writes:

Just wanted to let you know that our car was stolen last night from 14th Ave and South Hinds Street, and was hoping you could post it to the blog!

This is on the heels of a roof rack stolen off of our car last week. I don’t know what’s going on in our neighborhood, but it’s incredibly frustrating.

Please keep an eye out for a white 1998 Honda Civic 4-door with Washington plate 299 VCV.

* * *

Chris and Amie wrote to the mailing list about a car prowl that occurred on Sunday:

Last night, someone smashed our front passenger window of our newer model car with our empty garbage can, parked on the parking pad at 19th & McClellan, an open, well lit spot. They rifled through the contents of the car, and stole my jacket in the front seat. We figured they just leaned in to look for stuff, as the alarm would have gone off if they opened a door. I would imagine it took them several tries to break a car window with an empty 24-gallon plastic garbage can. Sadly, we heard nothing. This was reported to the police.

* * *

And catching up on recent activity logged at BHNW’s Scanner Blotter:

  • Robbery reported at 17th and Shelton, 8:55pm yesterday
  • Suspicious group of 5-7 men chased from back yard near 37th and Rose, 6:55pm yesterday
  • Report of several shots fired near 14th and Oregon, 2:45pm yesterday
  • Three men door-knocking and looking in windows ran off when they saw someone at home near 32nd and Juneau, 2pm yesterday
  • Burglary reported near Morgan and Beacon, 1pm yesterday
  • Forced entry burglary reported near 13th and Austin, 3pm Saturday
  • Burglary reported near 14th and Hinds, 6:45pm last Thursday (very near where Dan’s car was stolen from!)

* * *

Theresa described some suspicious activity on the mailing list last Friday:

My husband confronted two men who were scoping out houses on our block, the 2700 block of 13th Ave S, around noon today. The first man was about 6′-3″, white, blond hair, glasses, about 25-30 years old, wearing black hoodie and jeans. The second man was about 5′-6″ black, 30-35 years old, black coat, blue jeans, white shoes, carrying a duffle bag.

They walked down the street with a piece of paper in hand, stopping on the sidewalk in front of each house, sometimes going back to houses they had already looked at. They went up to some houses and looked in the front windows. My husband saw the tall man go up to one neighbor’s house look in the front window, then knock on the door, looking over his shoulder repeatedly while the other guy stayed out on the sidewalk looking up and down the street.

My husband went across the street to confront them, and the guy at the door immediately turned away from the house, mid-knock. The guys just looked at each other when he asked what they were doing, paused, then said they were “collecting information”. They departed on foot, heading north on 13th Ave S.

4 thoughts on “Crime notes: Civic stolen, scanner catch-up”

  1. Nov 2nd – came home from work at about 5pm and found my front door had been kicked in. The burglary was minimal but the brazen-ness is startling, especially as I read about other recent encounters with the sludge that terrorizes our fine Hill.

  2. The police found our Civic down on S. Austin Street, still running. The thief was able to hot wire the car and ended up ditching it down there. It’s at the shop now.

    Thanks again for posting this!

  3. I heard that 3 cars were broken into Thursday morning on 19th and Bayview, and it seams that others are having their autos vandalized weekly. can someone tell me how to fix this problem? its getting old and expensive.

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