SDOT improvements coming to Columbian Way

From the SDOT blog:

A new paving project is planned for South Columbian Way between Beacon Ave S and 15th Ave S in 2010. The project will benefit the multiple users of the street by:

  • Repaving the street
  • Installing new curbs
  • Improving drainage
  • Constructing new curb ramps at intersections to improve pedestrian access

In addition to the above, this portion of Columbian Way S will be restriped as part of this project. Restriping would help improve motor vehicle safety and access, pedestrian access, and bicycle usage. Proposed changes include:

  • one lane of motor vehicle traffic in each direction
  • a new two-way center turn lane
  • new bike lanes
  • a new dedicated right-turn lane at VA Hospital Drive to improve access to the medical center

This project is a part of the voter approved “Bridging the Gap” transportation levy. Click here for more information on the project.

These improvements will tie in with improvements slated for 15th Ave S.

5 thoughts on “SDOT improvements coming to Columbian Way”

  1. This is huge! Have you ever tried to walk or bike that street? Thanks to concerned citizens that id’d this trouble spot for all of us!!! Instead of just living with it (as I have done for years)…

  2. Yeah, I agree with Adam. As someone who regularly ventures down the stretch of road on his scooter, I can say I’m honestly looking forward to it being repaved.

    Now, if they’ll just take care of 15th south of Columbian…

  3. My only concern? The reduction to one lane, Beacon Hill has way too many spots where drivers end up in long waiting lines at traffic lights. Creating a new spot where traffic can clog is not exactly being friendly to the people of Beacon Hill.

    But repaving? That’s great. It’s off Beacon Hill but a real peeve of mine is Rainier southbound between Jackson and Dearborn, a real pot hole hell these days….

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