South-end teen crime gang busted is reporting that a gang of South Seattle teen burglars, possibly responsible for over 60 break-ins in Seattle and Renton since 2007, has been broken up by police and prosecutors.

Things sound like they began to crumble for them with missteps after a couple of Beacon Hill burglaries. From the article (emphasis added):

Police were certainly familiar with the seven young men. Melchor Lucas was arrested in November 2007 following a botched burglary in the 5500 block of Beacon Ave S. When police searched a van used in the burglary, they found a 9mm pistol, which belonged to Lucas, hidden inside of a teddy bear. Lucas was also put on a list of prolific burglars being targeted for aggressive prosecution. The 17-year-old boy was a suspect in at least 10 burglaries, records say; the 16-year-old had been Tased by officers after he was caught breaking into a home near Aki Kurose Middle School; and Lee was also on probation for illegally carrying a loaded handgun.

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