Beacon Bits: Bonsai reward, parking warning, produce deliveries

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Don’t rely on chalk marks to let you know when you need to move your car and avoid a ticket. Parking enforcement is going hi-tech — Craig Thompson on the BAN list via KOMO

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Recently featured at Capitol Hill Seattle, Full Circle Farm got a writeup by Beacon Hill neighbor Allison in The Weekender:

“I have to say, having produce delivered right to your neighborhood is probably one of the most convenient amenities of living in a city. Especially a city surrounded by farmland. (…) I haven’t had to go to the market in ages and it really forces us to prepare meals using things I would never buy like turnips and beets.”

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  1. We do Full Circle Farms too, and really enjoy it for the same reasons Allison states. It’s nice getting a selection of fresh and largely local produce each week. And, the variety forces us to make meals we might not otherwise think to make. Also, the sheer volume of produce actually encourages us to eat at home… as it’s often a challenge to get through it all before the next box. Which, in turn, ends up being a good way to save money.

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