Rep. Hasegawa hosts telephone town hall tonight

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At 6:30 tonight, State Representative Bob Hasegawa will be phoning about 30,000 households in the 11th district (which includes most of Beacon Hill west of Beacon Ave.) and inviting those who answer to join in a one-hour “telephone town hall.”

If you want in on the call but you don’t want to find out if you’re one of the randomly selected participants, you can also call in by dialing 877-229-8493 and entering PIN code 15515.

Following the phone-hall, Rep. Hasegawa will also be hosting an in-person town hall meeting on Saturday the 20th at South Seattle Community College’s Georgetown Campus, Building C, Room 208 at 11am.

Rep. Hasegawa is looking for suggestions on how to make the 11th district and the rest of the state a better place to work and raise a family and, in these last three weeks or so of the current legislative session, help in deciding how to tackle the state’s budget deficit.

Thanks to Joel Lee and Heather Dwyer for sending this in.

3 thoughts on “Rep. Hasegawa hosts telephone town hall tonight”

  1. I like Rep.Bob Hasegawa’s idea for a state bank.

    Rep. Hasegawa says the bill should receive a hearing in the Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee soon, tentatively scheduled for March 2. If you would like to track the bill you can click here.

    The State of North Dakota is one of the only states with a strong economy. This is partly because they maintain a state bank that supports their economy at all levels. The Federal Government has failed to require lending practices that would provide a return on our local investment in the bailout. The establishment of a state bank would fund the small and medium sized businesses that desperately need it here.

    Please take a look at this recent article about the growing interest in creating state banks:

    There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. North Dakota’s bank enjoys longstanding success. In my humble opinion, it is time that Washington State create its own bank, and provide an alternative to the huge financial institutions that are wrecking the economy.

  2. That is a really interesting idea. Why isn’t it getting more attention? We’re on the east side of Beacon, so Hasegawa isn’t our rep–but I definitely support looking into this. Thanks for sharing the info!

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