Crime notes: Neglect, break-ins, and pedestrian harassment

Jan wrote to the mailing list about a break-in:

[Last Wednesday] our rental house was broken into. It’s across from the viewpoint at 2910 12th Ave. So. Our renter was at home at the time and the intruder broke in the front door and came in with a knife. He boldly sat on the couch until our renter pointed a gun and called police. The intruder is one that we new as a little boy who lived down the street. He’s a druggie and usually not dangerous… Our son who is a policeman said he’s arrested him several times, but he seems to always get back out on the street. He needs some serious rehab.

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Sentencing has taken place in the neglect case from December ’08:

Margaret Adell George’s mother was found living in deplorable conditions in her Beacon Hill home in December 2008. Seattle police detectives said the immobile woman appeared to have been neglected for an extended period of time before authorities found her in her home in the 4900 block of 26th Avenue South.

Seattle woman sentenced to jail for neglecting bed-ridden momSeattle Times (BHB news partners)

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In The Big Bad Wolf of Beacon Hill, has the police account of a woman on foot being harassed by a man in a vehicle in the early morning hours of March 8th:

The woman told officers she got lost on the way to her friend’s home and, as she was wandering around the neighborhood, a “light brown or gold colored full sized American-made 4 door vehicle” pulled up next to her near 20th Ave S and S Ferdinand and the driver offered her a ride.

The woman declined the man’s offer and kept on walking.

The driver than told the woman “he was a good guy” and asked for her name, but the woman ignored him and kept walking.

Moments later, the report says, the driver got out of his car holding a knife and told the woman “I want sex.”

More at

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Meilee offers a first-hand account of being shadowed and stalked by a driver:

After work yesterday 3/16 just after 5P, I was walking north along 15th Ave S. It was still daylight and lots of cars and people around. I just passed the Clearwire store and barbershop and was almost to the garden society house when a man in a burgundy SUV pulled up along side and started rolling his car along. I stopped and he stopped so then I started walking forward and he pulled forward. He turned his vehicle as if he was going to park. So I turned around and started walking back towards ABC Supermarket. When I turned around, I looked back and the guy had put his car in reverse and started driving backwards. I started walking faster and called my husband asked that he pick me up. The guy drove off and I walked into the grocery store.

Anyway I wanted to let people know and just be aware of your surroundings and even walking on a busy street in daylight. Some guy, who knows what his intentions were was “brave” enough to roll along side in his car.

My husband said I did the right thing by walking into a business but I’m still shook up. Who knows what the guys intentions were but even more, what he might do something to someone else.

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Kevin forwarded a note from a neighbor at 24th and McClellan:

We had a burglary on Tuesday. It occurred at about 11:30 AM [Tuesday], when there was apparently no one at home in any of the 6 homes here on this side. Our house had been unoccupied for an hour when this happened. The frame to the lower door (and the door itself) was broken to gain entry, apparently with a pry bar of some sort. The intruders entered and stole items of substantial value, notwithstanding the alarm (and the decals and signs indicating there was an alarm). The police responded 3 hours later.

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Select items from’s scanner logs:


  • 3/9 9:15pm near 17th and Shelton
  • 3/10 6:15pm near 14th and Nevada
  • 3/12 2:00pm near 14th and Nevada
  • 3/18 12:00pm near 23rd and Spencer
  • 3/18 12:15pm near 22nd and Spencer

Vehicle break-in:

  • 3/11 12:45pm near Beacon and Lander


  • 3/13 6:30pm in Holly Park

Thanks everyone for keeping your neighbors informed!