Tasha’s Bistro Café opens Friday; Street Treats to return weekly

On Friday, the door will open to Tasha's Bistro Café. Photo by Wendi.
The former Culinary Communion house at 2524 Beacon Avenue South is reopening on Friday evening as Tasha’s Bistro Café. Owner Tasha Sawabini promises “the finest seasonal ingredients and innovative combinations!” The café will be open for Saturday and Sunday brunch from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday dinner from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Also on Friday night, the Street Treats dessert van will be back. Owner Diane Skwiercz writes, “I want to let you know that Street Treats is going to be up on Beacon Hill every Friday night starting this Friday July 2nd, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. We will either be in the Washington Federal Savings bank parking lot or where we were last Friday (the corner of 16th and Lander — Ed.).” Follow their tweets here.

21 thoughts on “Tasha’s Bistro Café opens Friday; Street Treats to return weekly”

  1. Also, try saying “Street Treats Sweet Treats” 5 times very fast, I dare you!

  2. Thank you to these businesses for recognizing Beacon Hill as a place to offer their great food.

    Made it to Tasha’s tonight with the family for dinner. Definitely some kinks for opening night – we had a cold steak and the last chicken breast in the restaurant that wasn’t the one ordered and didn’t get an explanation until we asked about it, but the oldest son enjoyed his salmon. The grilled cheese sandwiches were alittle dark on one side, but still acceptable to the other two. Let me say the staff was very accommodating to our questions and requests and the cold steak was replaced with a hot one. Nice touch to have the roasted head of garlic with dinner, but that would’ve been even nicer to have with the complimentary bread before dinner came. I had the lamb tangine at Beacon Rocks and that was delicious. I look forward to going back to have brunch and of course, more dinners. Nothing tonight was enough to keep us away as it was only a reflection on a much anticipated and very busy restaurant, but with a family of 5, we might just have to pace ourselves. I would suggest they oil whatever was clicking on the swinging doors to the kitchen. Having the table next to that, it was definitely noticeable and a tad annoying.

    Unfortunately, we had hoped to finish the evening with dessert at the Sweet Treats van, but due to the timing involved with dinner, we missed the van. We are hoping for next Friday!

  3. Thank you Beacon Hill for all your wonderful support! We have received a great number of thank you’s for adding a restaurant to the neighborhood. Our opening night was unexpectedly busy – it was a soft opening and only lightly advertised, but we had a full house for a while there.

    We distinctly remember Shelly’s party and some of the kinks they experienced, and we greatly appreciate the candor and generosity in their comments. While mistakes will occasionally happen, we’ll always do everything in our power to make it right by you. We are listening!

    Thanks again for your support. See you soon at Tasha’s!

  4. Stopped by Sweet Treats truck friday for the first time. Had a delightful Browned butter and salt rice crispy treat as well as a carrot cake cookie. Both were great. Thanks Sweet Treats for stopping in our neighborhood.

  5. me and my baby had dinner a tasha;s bistro 3 nights ago. im so glad there is a nice little bistro on beacon, and i loved the lamb, i need the recipe. Thanks for opening you will definetly see me thursday for dinner

  6. Welcome Tashas to the neighborhood. My wife and I dined there on Thursday night, and had a very nice experience. While they were out of the Polenta my wife wanted, the server (blonde female) suggested that she could get some sort of vegetarian stir fry, and that Tasha (the owner) would be happy to make her a vegetarian dish or come up with something that wasn’t featured on the menu as long as they had the ingredients. We thought that this was exceptionally accomodating and our server (whose name escapes me) was a delight. My wife commented that she, and the cafe were very charming. We will definetly come back to see her and hopefully get to try that Polenta next time. The scallops that I had were some of the best I have had, and my wife opted for a nice salad. The only complaint I would have would be that the male server was wiping sweat off his face at his table seated next to us, and some of the menu items were not available and a tad over priced. Other than that, fantastic. Thank You Tasha’s for coming to the neighborhood! Maybe we will stop by the next weekend, looking forward to beacon rocks tomorrow.
    Thanks again!
    Charles House

  7. My husband and I had dinner at Tasha’s tonight and it was great! Food was delicious; service was delightful.

    I look forward to going back, especially to try brunch on the patio on a weekend morning.

    Tasha’s Bistro Cafe will stay open in support of the Beacon Rocks event, Sunday July 11th from 1pm to 6pm. We will have a table in front of The Station coffee shop with small plates and drinks, and our patio and restaurant will be open for beer, wine, mimosas and non-alcoholic refreshments. In addition, there will be happy hour food available, such as fruit and cheese plates, shrimp cocktail, hummus plates, and maybe even our very popular crab cakes! Most wines will be half price, as low as $2.50, and beers will be 2 bucks! Come by for some socializing on our shady patio, knock back a couple cold ones, be our happy hour guinea pigs and keep giving us your feedback. This place is yours!
    – Tasha’s Bistro Cafe’

  9. Ate there a few days ago, my order took WAY too long. I was not impressed with the portion size, too expensive for beacon hill.

  10. Not impressed with the food! It was bland, and small portions…our food took atleast 30 minutes as well. The menu is complicated and the hours are very limited. Thankfully the service was great, bc clearly that is the only thing going on for you. But really Tasha’s, I shouldn’t have 5 cups of coffee before the food gets arrives, and there shouldn’t be 4 different people coming to my table asking me how everything is… its over eager and annoying. I came to eat breakfast with my friend, not all these others who decided to introduce themselves. The male manager was beyond awkward, didn’t take a hint!! Try to dine out a little more and see how everywhere else is conducting buisness. This is not the upper west side, turn down the snob factor on the menu items and prices and I MIGHT be back, and you MIGHT last in Beacon Hill.

  11. I agree with Monica with how the food is bland and the hours of operation are some what confusing. I had brunch with my S.O on sunday and food took way to long and I didn’t really want that many people coming to my table. I was polite but really only wanted to see my server. I really hope Tasha’s listens on what we want and need in the neighborhood bc it’s nice to only walk to a restaurant since I live right by Kimball. Yes tone down the eagerness it’s just too overwhelming and I just wanted to eat my food. Good luck and will be back to try your dinner menu and hope not be be bothered by everyone.

  12. I agree with Monica, I know exactly who she is talking about. The short guy who came to our table, was rude and weird. Some people should just be hidden in an office somewhere. Lol. My girlfriend and I stopped by last weekend and you were closed!? Didn’t Tasha’s just open? We wanted to try dinner bc we had came in for brunch and the dinner menu looked good. Hope you didn’t close already

  13. Nancy I ran into the same trouble on a friday night after having a few cocktails at Baja. Wanted to go and try the dinner menu with my S.O. Since you and Monica have both said something I noticed the short guy too just because he was trying to put up a umbrella at a table across from us while people were eating at the table. My husband was totally baffled. He’s a GM at a leschi restaurant and you’d think being a manager you’d be smarter or at least have some common sense. Please be open next time I visit.

  14. Thank you all of Beacon Hill for your support over the past month during the soft opening of Tasha’s Bistro Cafe.
    Your comments, suggestions and honesty have been taken to heart.

    It has been a pleasure but also a challenge to open the Bistro. The restaurant was to be a joint effort with my father, Eddie. Unfortunately, two weeks prior to opening, he developed some health issues and had to drop out of the venture. With 50% of the experienced kitchen staff gone, it’s been a bumpy road (but what else is new in this business?).

    We continue to update our menu based on our experience and your input.
    Breakfast will include the traditional poached eggs for Eggs Benedict rather than scrambles. Expect additional changes/additions such as plain pancakes, yogurt parfait, sausage and a traditional breakfast of 2 Eggs Your Way.
    Happy Hours continue to be a success and we hope you will stop by to try our mini burger trio (coming Friday), house made salad trio (kidney-black bean & corn salad with cilantro lime dressing, fruit salad with kiwi-poppy dressing & Asian slaw), our signature crab cakes and many more items for under $8 with beer for $2.50 and wines for mostly half price.
    Dinner seems to be working well. Look for more chicken options coming soon.

    Please let us know when you are at the restaurant what worked for you and what we need to improve upon. We commit ourselves to providing great service and excellent food. We are here in Beacon Hill for you!

    Thu 4-7pm happy hour only at this time
    Fri 4-7pm happy hour
    Fri 5-9:30pm dinner
    Sat 4-7pm happy hour
    Sat 5-9:30pm dinner
    Sun 9am-1pm breakfast

  15. We are deeply saddened to report the death of the first server to grace our business with his presence, Christoph McKenzie. Christoph had previously undergone heart surgery, and due to complications he was scheduled for another one this coming Tuesday. At the extremely young age of 26, Christoph died at peace and in the presence of his mother on Thursday, September 2nd. If in our first weeks of opening you had the fortune of interacting with Christoph, our guess is that you were touched by this big teddy bear’s incredible spirit and humanity. Christoph was something special, and he will be greatly missed.

  16. TBC is my favorite new restaurant. I’ve been there several times & every time I leave I am so happy. I tried the seafood stew and it was really a “seafood” stew. overflowing with scallops, prawns, clams & a huge piece of salmon. There were token veggies, but usually when I’ve has seafood stew, there was a lot of veggies & token seafood. I’ll be back.

  17. Our neighbor invited my wife and I to dinner at Tasha’s last night (Saturday). What a delight to have a fine restaurant on BH. Food was pleasingly presented, in good portions (go to Claim Jumper if you insist on a pig-out), and best of all, deliciously well-prepared.
    Tasha’s is warm and friendly, with a nice selection of blues and jazz playing in the background. I look forward to catching the live music on a coming Friday.
    My Spicy Caribbean Seafood Stew featured a generous portion of tender large shrimps, scallops, and no clams (per my request) in a flavor-rich broth. Tasha explained that she refused the salmon delivery due to poor quality, so that was missing from the stew. I appreciate her care with ensuring high quality ingredients.
    My wife’s Asian Pork was a hit with all three of us. And we all enjoyed the three-salad appetizer.
    Welcome to Beacon Hill, Tasha. We wish you great success and satisfaction, both for your sake, and for our selfish desire to keep a gem here in our neighborhood! We’ll be back with friends.

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