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Beer and wine opening night celebration at The Station

The Station at their grand opening last summer. Photo by Wendi.
The Beacon Pub may be gone, but there is a new source for adult beverages on the Hill. The Station coffeehouse has recently moved beyond typical coffeehouse fare, and tonight from 7 to 11 p.m. is the opening night celebration of their new wine and beer bar. Owner Luis reports that they’ll be serving wine, beer, mimosas, sangria, desserts, and light fare. The Station is located at 2533 16th Ave. S., across from El Centro de la Raza and just north of Beacon Hill Station.

Tasha’s Bistro Café opens Friday; Street Treats to return weekly

On Friday, the door will open to Tasha's Bistro Café. Photo by Wendi.
The former Culinary Communion house at 2524 Beacon Avenue South is reopening on Friday evening as Tasha’s Bistro Café. Owner Tasha Sawabini promises “the finest seasonal ingredients and innovative combinations!” The café will be open for Saturday and Sunday brunch from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday dinner from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Also on Friday night, the Street Treats dessert van will be back. Owner Diane Skwiercz writes, “I want to let you know that Street Treats is going to be up on Beacon Hill every Friday night starting this Friday July 2nd, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. We will either be in the Washington Federal Savings bank parking lot or where we were last Friday (the corner of 16th and Lander — Ed.).” Follow their tweets here.

UPDATED: Street Treats serving dessert at Beacon and Lander right now

The Street Treats mobile dessert van is parked at Beacon and Lander, serving up ice cream for build-your-own-cookie-sandwiches, cookies, beverages, and more! Their menu is here.

In other street food news, Kamala Saxton of Marination Mobile sent us this info:

“Marination is now OPEN SUNDAYS in Columbia City – 11am – 2pm (Parking lot next to Bank of America). Mention Beacon Hill Blog and get a free can of pop. This Sunday only. Beep Beep Southside!”

(Thanks to Joel Lee for the tip on Sweet Treats — sorry we didn’t get this online sooner!)

Top of the Hill survey results, part 2: food and fun

The next batch of results in the Beacon Hill Blog Top of the Hill reader survey are about food and fun on the hill. We’ll be bringing the rest of the survey results to you periodically over the next few days. Previous results are here.

(Editor’s note added 9/21, 2:56 pm: As with the earlier results, some of these results don’t add up to 100% because people gave multiple answers.)

What is the best restaurant on Beacon Hill?

What is the best restaurant on Beacon Hill? We knew El Quetzal was well-liked but didn’t expect it to be as much as an overwhelming favorite as it was. Apparently lots of us are fans of their tortas and huaraches: 40% of respondents selected the tiny Mexican restaurant on Beacon Avenue as the best restaurant on the Hill. Its closest competition was the Java Love/Baja Bistro combo, with 21%. A few other restaurants were mentioned multiple times, including Kusina Filipina (5%), La Cabaña (4%), Thai Recipe (3%, and just barely qualifying as Beacon Hill, since it’s almost at the bottom of McClellan — but we’ll take what we can get), and Inay’s (2%).

3% of you don’t feel any Beacon Hill restaurants are up to snuff, so you go to Georgetown or Columbia City. Then there was the guy who said the best restaurant is “Chevron.” (Hey, the seasoned catfish there is actually really good.)

(Editor’s note: Commenter cliff rancho points out that it’s actually the Shell station that has the tasty catfish. We don’t know if any nearby Chevron actually has edible food or not.)

The award for most misspelled restaurant on Beacon Hill goes to Kusina Filipina. Survey respondents spelled it: “Kuisina Filipina,” “Cusina Fillipina,” “Cucina Philippina,” “Kusina Flilipina,” and “the Filopina kitchen next door that I can not spell.” Only one person spelled it right.

What is the best evening hangout on Beacon Hill?

What is the best evening hangout on Beacon Hill? All right, we admit that this is one of the questions we asked hoping that our readers would tell us about some potential places to go in the evenings that we don’t already know about. Unfortunately, the pickings are still a little slim up here.
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Beacon Bits, Necessities of Life edition: Food, clothing, and cool, cool desserts

Halo-halo. Photo by Bing Ramos.
Halo-halo. Photo by Bing Ramos.
Jesse Vernon at Slog writes about halo-halo, a cool and sweet Filipino dessert that’s especially tasty on warm days like today. Beacon Hill may not have a trendy ice cream shop (yet), but we do have halo-halo, at Inay’s and at Kusina Filipina!

* * *

The Marination Hawaiian/Korean taco truck (yes, seriously) has begun a regular Thursday lunch residency at Dr. Jose Rizal Park, from 11am – 2pm. (Next week’s lunch is only until 1:30, though.)

* * *

In the hubbub over Link’s opening day on July 18, we missed one other local opening: big-box discount retail has come to Southeast Seattle in the form of a Ross store on Rainier Avenue South, in the former Longs Drugs next to Safeway, 3820 Rainier Avenue South. MyraMyra at the Rainier Valley Post wrote about her visit and suggested some tips for a good Ross shopping experience (hint: it’s no Nordstrom). Ross sells discounted clothing, shoes, and various household goods.