Is this your cat?

Neighbor Lynn has been adopted by a cute kitty who may be lost:

“For the past six months or so, this russian blue cat with green eyes has been sneaking into my house and ‘sharing’ my cats’ food. I live near the corner of Beacon and Columbian. I assumed it was just because he liked what I was serving better than his own home, but now I’m begining to wonder if he’s homeless… I suspect someone is missing this guy, since he’s been full-on living here for a while now. He’s super talkative, with an amazing vocabulary, lots of rolling R’s. Very affectionate, a bit skittish. No collar. This cat has a very unique tail, I’ve never seen anything like it. If someone has any info on this cat, please email me at thanks!”

(Another photo is after the jump.)

7 thoughts on “Is this your cat?”

  1. That certainly is a cute kitty.

    If no one claims it, what you can try to do is go to a vet or the shelter and have its neck scanned to see if it is microchipped.

  2. Also, if you have other cats, he should be screened for FIV.

    The kitty who adopted us last year has FIV antibodies and is also aggressive to our other cats, so we have to keep them separate.

  3. I thought I read somewhere that even if a cat has FIV antibodies, it does not necessarily mean it has FIV. Cats who have been administered the vaccine for FIV will also show FIV antibodies…

  4. Yes, unfortunately that is true. Also, there seems to be some possibility that the FIV vaccine doesn’t really work very well.

    In our kitty’s case, this means that we don’t really know if he was vaccinated or has FIV, but since he was a street cat for a few months that latter is likely.

    We were told that it would be reasonably safe to keep him with our other cats if they get along and aren’t territorial, but he’s territorial, so we have to keep them separated.

  5. on the FIV thing, my beloved kitteh morton was diagnosed with FIV, but it turned out he just had the antibodies. they told me he would pass in 3 months when he was just 2 years old, but he lived to the ripe old age of 15, healthy the entire time!

    i will indeed take this sweet kitteh to my vet if i don’t hear anything soon and have him scanned for a chip…and if no chip, he’ll be getting a spiffy new one with my contact info and a boatload of shots 🙂

  6. The FIV thing is pretty frustrating. We would let our cats fight it out and eventually learn to get along if not for the FIV, and the new kitty might actually be perfectly fine even though he has the antibodies… but we can’t risk it if it would make the other kitties ill.

  7. Looks just like an outdoor cat named “Smoke” that I lost in Hillman City, about four years ago. If it’s a male that is older than eight years, he could be mine (?).

    If he matches this description, email me at



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