More music and dance at Sunday’s Beacon Rocks!

The Screaming Starts performed at the last Beacon Rocks! Photo by Wendi.
The third Beacon Rocks! event is this Sunday, August 8, from 1:00 – 5:00 pm at the Lander Festival Street, on South Lander between 16th Avenue South and 17th Avenue South (though we fear the Blue Angels may drown it out at times). Here’s the lineup of this weekend’s show:

Naugahyde: a two piece rock set – percussion, Theren Hayes and guitar/vocals, Jeff Wendland.

Deception Pass: a local youth rock band including Ian, Finn, Anders and Raphi who created the group in 2007 when the members were in fifth grade at Kimball Elementary.

Zumba: West African dance and exercise demonstrations by Carol.

Excuse You: original adult contemporary rock.

Blue55: blues, R&B, and “vintage rock and roll with a garage band feel and attitude.”

Kevin Gibbons: calls himself a “hack songwriter,” but the Beacon Rocks! people say “he’s actually a ‘really good songwriter.'”

The Middle Age Crisis Band: “a hard pumping, fun and punkish/J-pop style band that plays all original music (sometimes in Japanese).”