Car broken into? Report it!

Cat B wrote mentioning a spate of burgled and damaged vehicles near 17th and Bayview over the weekend:

The thieves broke a front window and stole some items from my car parked on 17th Ave S near S Bayview St. A friend’s car was also burglarized in a driveway on 16th Ave S near Bayview and her neighbor’s car was also targeted. I encourage those who were vandalized or burglarized to inform the police for tracking purposes.

We encourage that, too. Call the police and file a report. The non-emergency line is 206-625-5011.

Thanks Cat!

One thought on “Car broken into? Report it!”

  1. my friend’s car was broken into last Thursday night near 17th & Holgate, and when he called the police they refused to come out and file a report because he wasn’t the owner of the car (it’s his girlfriend’s, and she was in Spokane for work).

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