Beacon Hill most needs beer bar?

Photo by Tim Dobson via Creative Commons.
Seattle Beer News posted a poll on Tuesday, asking “Which Seattle neighborhood most needs an additional beer bar or brewery?” At one point on Tuesday, Lower Queen Anne was in the lead, and Beacon Hill was way, way down in the list. Then someone mentioned it on the Beacon Hill neighborhood mailing list (I confess—it was me), and now Beacon Hill leads in the poll with 43% of the vote, followed by Lower Queen Anne, Upper Queen Anne, South Lake Union, Wallingford, and Magnolia.

When we did an informal neighborhood “Top of the Hill” survey in 2009, 18% of respondents answered “More/better pubs” to the question “What is Beacon Hill’s most needed amenity?” (The most requested amenity in the poll was “More restaurants, cafés,” mentioned by 23%, and coming in third, 17% said “A pizza place.” The pizza place is coming in June.)

13 thoughts on “Beacon Hill most needs beer bar?”

  1. ask and you shall receive…
    something is fermenting.
    anticipate suds flowing in June.

  2. Yes,
    Pub is needed with at least 8 different taps. And some room. Bar at Baja Bistro is
    too small.

  3. I thought there was a small brewing operation starting up on Beacon Hill. I remember seeing a post about it, including indication of a liquor license being granted, and even seeing a minimally used facebook page. Now I can’t remember where I saw it.

    I hope there will be a replacement to the Beacon Pub in the near future. I don’t think any of the current locations fill that void, including the future pizza place replacing the Pub. However, I must say that it is nice to have a beer with dinner at most of the Beacon Hill restaurants now. I would really like the old Pub/Tavern back with it’s beer-only license, minimal food, pool table, arcade games, big screen, and juke box. At this point, I’ll take anything with a good beer selection and a couple TVs to catch whatever the seasonal “game” is at the time.

  4. Chris, it’s true, we posted about it a while back — there was a brewery starting up further south on the hill. The thing was, though, it didn’t seem to be in a commercial location, so it was a bit strange. It was in what appeared to be a residential location.

  5. I think it would be great if these guys ( could get off the ground and set up their brewery in one of the larger vacant buildings around the 15th/Beacon intersection or further down Beacon. I know of one space being fixed up that would surely be big enough to house a small brewery/brewpub.

  6. I agree with Chris. It would be great to fix up a place to host a small brewery/pub. This would be a great asset to Beacon – I’m in favor! Bring on the beer!

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