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Beacon Hill most needs beer bar?

Photo by Tim Dobson via Creative Commons.
Seattle Beer News posted a poll on Tuesday, asking “Which Seattle neighborhood most needs an additional beer bar or brewery?” At one point on Tuesday, Lower Queen Anne was in the lead, and Beacon Hill was way, way down in the list. Then someone mentioned it on the Beacon Hill neighborhood mailing list (I confess—it was me), and now Beacon Hill leads in the poll with 43% of the vote, followed by Lower Queen Anne, Upper Queen Anne, South Lake Union, Wallingford, and Magnolia.

When we did an informal neighborhood “Top of the Hill” survey in 2009, 18% of respondents answered “More/better pubs” to the question “What is Beacon Hill’s most needed amenity?” (The most requested amenity in the poll was “More restaurants, cafés,” mentioned by 23%, and coming in third, 17% said “A pizza place.” The pizza place is coming in June.)