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Perihelion Brewery to open later this year at McClellan and 16th

No sign of the dentist's office anymore; this construction is bringing a brewpub to North Beacon Hill. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.
No sign of the dentist’s office anymore; this construction is bringing a brewpub to North Beacon Hill. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.
Remember when the Rainier brewery was open down the hill from us in Sodo, and we could smell the beer brewing up here on North Beacon every day? It’s been a few years since then, but beer brewing is returning to the vicinity, and now it’s even closer! Beacon Hill’s first brewpub, Perihelion Brewery, will open later this year.

The pub will be located across S. McClellan from the Red Apple, in the building that houses Salon Nouveau. The salon is staying; the pub is taking over the former dentist’s office on the west/16th Ave. S. side of the building.

A few days ago, the BHB was out there peering through the windows to see the progress. (And it’s nice to see the windows uncovered, after all of those years they were covered up!) We were happy to see that Owner/Head Brewer Les McAuliffe and Assistant Brewer Hunter Jaworski posted photos in the window showing historic views of the building. (Maybe the photos will be inside after the pub opens?) The space is small, but looks roomy enough for a cozy neighborhood hangout.

These old photos show the appearance of the building years ago. It looks very strange without the big trees on Beacon. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.
These old photos show the appearance of the building years ago. It looks very strange without the big trees on Beacon. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.

Seattle Beer News tells us the brewpub will be kid-friendly and the kitchen will serve “elevated pub food.”

You can find all the beer-geek details about the new most-local of brews at Seattle Beer News, and follow the pub on Twitter at @Perihelionbeer.

New alehouse coming to former ROCKiT space

Soon, this space may be serving suds instead of sounds. Photo of the old ROCKiT space site by Jason.
Well, this is news, particularly in the context of last week’s post,“Beacon Hill most needs beer bar?”. A comment from “Melissa & Robert” on that post said “ask and you shall receive… something is fermenting. anticipate suds flowing in June.” Something does indeed appear to be fermenting: A new liquor license application has been made for Tippe and Drague Alehouse at 3315 Beacon Avenue South. That is the former ROCKiT space (and previously, Buggy) location.

The applicants are Tippe and Drague LLC, Melissa Cabal and Robert McConaughy. The license type applied for is “direct shipment receiver” (which will allow them to buy beer and/or wine from federally certified wineries or breweries) and “restaurant – beer and wine” (which will allow them to sell beer and wine for on-premises consumption in conjunction with food sales). The license number is 407765.

As with all liquor license applications, if you wish to comment on the application to the Liquor Control Board, you can e-mail customerservice@liq.wa.gov.

A new pizzeria, Bar del Corso, is also planning to open this summer just a couple of blocks north of the alehouse.

Beacon Hill most needs beer bar?

Photo by Tim Dobson via Creative Commons.
Seattle Beer News posted a poll on Tuesday, asking “Which Seattle neighborhood most needs an additional beer bar or brewery?” At one point on Tuesday, Lower Queen Anne was in the lead, and Beacon Hill was way, way down in the list. Then someone mentioned it on the Beacon Hill neighborhood mailing list (I confess—it was me), and now Beacon Hill leads in the poll with 43% of the vote, followed by Lower Queen Anne, Upper Queen Anne, South Lake Union, Wallingford, and Magnolia.

When we did an informal neighborhood “Top of the Hill” survey in 2009, 18% of respondents answered “More/better pubs” to the question “What is Beacon Hill’s most needed amenity?” (The most requested amenity in the poll was “More restaurants, cafés,” mentioned by 23%, and coming in third, 17% said “A pizza place.” The pizza place is coming in June.)

Beacon Bits: Coyotes, carols, and a Christmas tree

Skin Deep Dance troupe is performing tribal-style belly dance at Inay’s Asian Pacific Cuisine on Saturday December 11 and again on December 18. Shows are at 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm, and waiter Louie will also appear in drag. There’s no cover, but bring cash for tips. Inay’s is located at 2503 Beacon Avenue South.

* * *

Photo by emdot via Creative Commons.
Neighbor Lily sent this report a week or so ago: “I just wanted to report that I believe I’ve heard coyotes howling a lot this morning near Dearborn Park.” We at the BHB have actually seen Beacon Hill coyotes within the last couple of years, crossing the street near 17th and Walker. It’s definitely not a new problem. Please keep your pets safe.

* * *

El Centro is hosting a tree lighting ceremony later this month. Las Posadas, “A Neighborhood Celebration of the Holidays,” is from 4:30-6:00 pm on Monday, December 20 at El Centro de la Raza, 2524 16th Avenue South.

Besides lighting the Christmas tree, the event will feature caroling by the Beaconettes, a visit from Santa, holiday treats, and more.

A reminder: El Centro is also selling Christmas trees until December 19.

* * *

A business named Underground Lighthouse recently applied for a microbrewery liquor license at 2981 South Webster Street. This is not a commercial location, so unfortunately it probably won’t be a Beacon Hill brewpub, but maybe they will sell their beer to some of our local establishments. This appears to be their website.

* * *

Stencil artist Urban Soule (Kim McCarthy) has art currently hanging at Victrola Coffee on Beacon Avenue. Here is a Facebook gallery of the show. Here is more of the artist’s work on Flickr.

* * *

Beacon Hill’s own a cappella group, The Beaconettes, recently took the People’s Choice award at the Great Figgy Pudding Street-Corner Caroling Competition for the second year in a row, singing Seattle-centric versions of carols including “My Favorite Things” and “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

The event, a fundraiser for the Pike Market Senior Center and Downtown Food Bank, was held last Friday, December 3 at Westlake Center. 35 choirs competed in front of a large and cheerful crowd. Here are a couple of videos of the Beaconettes’ performance.

Beer returns to the old Rainier brewery

Photo by ephemera assemblyman via Creative Commons.
If you’ve lived on North Beacon Hill for more than a decade, you may recall the smell of brewing beer that used to waft over the Hill every day from the Rainier Brewery next to the freeway on Airport Way South. The brewery closed 10 years ago, but brewing is returning to the historic old brewery building this summer in the form of the Emerald City Beer Company. Washington Beer Blog reports that Emerald City will have a brewery and tasting room/“beer lab,” and they are hoping to have their first batch of beer ready next month. Their flagship brew will be “Dottie’s Seattle Lager,” quite suitable for a building that that produced a lot of lager over the years. See more details at the Washington Beer Blog.

The Beacon Pub in Seattle Beer News

Top-down view of a beer
Photo by Jason
Geoff Kaiser, Beacon Hill neighbor and Seattle Times news-partner-in-law at Seattle Beer News, drops by the Beacon Pub and likes what he finds:

…when a few friends and I finally decided to stop in and check it out this past weekend, I was ecstatic to find that they actually have several taps of good beer! Upon walking in I first noticed a couple of taps from Three Skulls Ales, then a tap from Snoqualmie. At that point, I said to a friend, “Wow, I wasn’t expecting them to have much of anything interesting to drink. This rocks.”

It does! And here’s hoping the wursts are back for the summer. Read the rest at SBN.

Open post: Ideas for coping with the heat

A real frosty pitcher of beer. While the ice just waters down the beer and the extreme cold kills the taste, it looks rather inviting nonetheless. Photo by Ubi Desperare Nescio.
A real frosty pitcher of beer. While the ice just waters down the beer and the extreme cold kills the taste, it looks rather inviting nonetheless. Photo by Ubi Desperare Nescio.
The heat is getting to our computer equipment, even. Wendi’s monitor is flickering on and off (mostly off), my little cheap netbook has locked up several times, and the oppressive heat doesn’t make the prospect of sitting with the laptop terribly attractive either.

If you’re not lucky enough to have air conditioning, or if you’re getting a bit stir-crazy being trapped at home by your A/C, what are some places to head to, easily accessible from the hill, where you can hang out for a bit in a cooler atmosphere?

The Beacon Hill branch of the Seattle Public Library has air conditioning. Seventeen branches do. (I’m so sorry, Columbia City — sounds like your A/C-less branch might even be closed today!)

Wandering around inside Red Apple is refreshing, particularly near meats and in the frozen food aisle, lazily pondering which frozen fudge bar or ice cream sandwich would be best, but mostly chilling in the flood of cold air while standing there with the freezer door open.

Last night, we wanted to get out and get a meal somewhere cool with good food and drinks. I recalled the Collins Pub is just a half-block from the Pioneer Square tunnel station. A few blocks walk and we were in the elevator at Beacon Hill station. Once on the platform, it was a very pleasant temperature. A few minutes later, the air conditioned train stopped and we made our way to the Pioneer Square station and then up, out of the 3rd & Yesler entrance. Downhill and around the corner of the Smith Tower and we were at the comfortably cool Collins Pub. (I had a burger, impulsively with Field Roast instead of beef, with fries and tartar sauce. The burger was good, and the fries great. Wendi had a polenta dish with zucchini, broccoli, and a rustic tomato sauce. The polenta was good. The tomato sauce was a bit acid-y, and the broccoli was a surprise — Wendi hates broccoli. Luckily, I love it. Collins Pub offers a good selection of interesting craft beers. I had a pint of 21st Amendment‘s “Hell or High Watermelon Wheat” — surprisingly tasty and refreshing — and one of Ninkasi‘s “Radiant Summer Pale”, which grew on me the lower it got in the glass.)

What we’d like to know is: Where are you going and what are you doing to beat the heat?

Beacon Bits: guns, loot, and beer