Food news: Travelers, Bar del Corso aim for June opening

The Street Treats van on Beacon Hill last summer. Photo by Wendi.
The work at Bar del Corso (the former Beacon Pub, at 3057 Beacon Ave. S.) is continuing, with a projected opening date of mid-June. You can see a few more photos of the site in progress on the Bar del Corso blog, along with a picture of the blue-and-white-tiled pizza oven.

They’ve also posted a possible menu—see it here (PDF). According to the blog, “Menu offerings will be based on what is seasonally available so it will change quite often. But here’s a sample of what the menu could be.”

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We previously mentioned the new Travelers restaurant which will soon be serving Indian food in the Culinary Communion/Tasha’s house on Beacon Avenue. Allison Austin Scheff at posted a short article about it this week, with a bit of information about the menu and the projected opening date: late June.

The CHS Capitol Hill Seattle Blog posted an article about Travelers last week, discussing owner Allen Kornmesser’s intent to continue operating the original Travelers Tea Co. on E. Pine St., while expanding to the larger Beacon Hill space.

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It’s not quite summer yet, but it’s getting closer! Along with a bit of sunshine, another sign of summer this year is the return of the Street Treats dessert van, serving cookies, ice cream, and dessert bars. Owner Diane tells us the van will return to the vicinity of 16th and Lander this Friday night from 6:30-8 p.m.

11 thoughts on “Food news: Travelers, Bar del Corso aim for June opening”

  1. So excited for this, but nervous about pricing. The menu looks amazing, just hope they can match the neighborhood’s price point and cover their costs.

  2. The menu for Bar del Corso looks good but I do hope that they will provide English descriptions for the non-pizza items. I had to google the Italian terms to figure out what was on the menu.

  3. Hi Laura, Thanks for checking out the menu! We’ll be a little more descriptive on our final menus so you don’t have to run them through translation. And we’ll be un-snooty about explaining things on the menu. We are not going to be a hoity-toity kind of place. We’ll have boxes of crayons for the kids too.

  4. Hate to piddle over details, as I’m so excited for this place to open! But ‘Schiacciata’ spelled wrong in the sample menu.

  5. Gina, I’m glad to hear you say it’s not going to be a hoity-toity kind of place. When looking at the sample menu (which sounds delicious), it kind of felt that way and I wondered if this would be a place I would feel comfortable bringing our family of five (with three kids who love pizza). I’m also a bit nervous about prices has I hope to be able to frequent the place at least a couple times a month! Despite that, WooHoo, pizza is coming!

  6. Oh, yes, and WooHoo, Indian food is coming! Looking forward to skipping the drive to West Seattle for that. And thank you to Street Treats for returning. My son spoke highly of the molasses cookie/peanut butter ice cream sandwich. I just smiled and nodded lovingly at him.

  7. I’m glad to hear that there will be more description on the menus and that it will be a more comfortable then pretentious place. I had the same thought looking at the menu. I am excited to have a new place to go in the neighborhood!

  8. Tess, you are right. The Italian double consonents are hard to master. Thanks for the catch! We need everyone’s good thoughts in this last month…we’ve been working our butts off.

    Kids tend to like the Suppli al Telefono. They are made from rice, tomato sauce and breadcrumbs with mozzarella inside. When you bite into them and pull, the cheese stretches like a telephone cord (hence the name). Although kids these days might not get it because we rarely use phones with cords anymore!

  9. So excited to see these restaurants going in. Wondering — what would the chances be of the owners of the empty property around the Light Rail station bringing on more food carts/buses like Street Treats? Like that in Portland? It’s the perfect site for it given that nothing is there yet and people can come from the light rail. Picnic tables, etc, surrounded by like 5 trucks? More retail (even if not permanent) for Beacon Hill the better! I wish I may I wish I might….

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