The Oak, street trees, and more on agenda for 3/6 NBHC meeting

This site on Beacon Avenue is soon to be The Oak, a bar/restaurant. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.

The Oak, the new restaurant/bar to open on Beacon Avenue, is among several topics to be discussed at the next meeting of the North Beacon Hill Council on Tuesday March 6, 7 p.m. at the Beacon Hill Library.

Here’s the agenda for the March meeting:

  • 7:00 Hello and welcomes
  • 7:10 Dylan Ahearn and Devor Barton: Tree planting on pedestrian/bike paths
  • 7:25 Triangle Park neighbors re: proposed tavern/restaurant
  • 7:50 Dee Dunbar: Need for help! Lewis Park
  • 8:00 Other announcements and community concerns, including changes to the Jefferson Park Golf Clubhouse
  • 8:30 Executive Board meeting to vote on letter concerning new restaurant/tavern

All in the community are welcome to attend and participate.

You may want to mark your calendar as well for the April 3 meeting, which will focus on the grand opening of Jefferson Park and the proposed development of the corner lot at 17th and McClellan, the light rail station block.

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  1. Crud! Doesn’t look as though I’m going to make it to the meeting tonight. If anyone from the blog staff is going, could you please do a quick writeup later for those of us who missed out?

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