Deadline approaching for public comment on golf clubhouse project

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A proposed design for the new Jefferson Park Golf Clubhouse, as viewed from the Beacon Avenue side.
The Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) has published a notice of application for the new Jefferson Park Golf Clubhouse, as follows:

“Council Land Use Action to allow a new 19,800 sq. ft. two-story clubhouse and driving range structure (Jefferson Park Golf Course). Project includes new field lighting up to 90 ft. in height, netting/net poles up to 140 ft. in height, and 63 additional surface parking spaces for a total of 80 parking spaces. Existing clubhouse and driving structures to be demolished. Review includes a 4,100 sq. ft. single-story cart storage structure and 20,000 sq. ft. of paving improvements located on the eastside of Beacon Avenue South (DPD #3013107: 4100 Beacon Avenue South). Determination of Non-Significance prepared by the Seattle Parks & Recreation.”

Currently, the project still needs to complete the SEPA environmental review process, and the City Council must approve the expansion of a public facility in a single family zone. SEPA is the State Environmental Policy Act, which requires public agencies to consider the environmental impacts of a proposal before it can be approved.

The deadline for public comment on the project is less than two weeks away: March 13. You can comment online here.

6 thoughts on “Deadline approaching for public comment on golf clubhouse project”

  1. Once again I oppose a complete re-build of the Jefferson Park Golf clubhouse and golf field structures.
    I realize the golf venue is the only one profitable(or doesn’t lose any money) for Seattle Parks and Recreation.
    However, at a time when the City and Parks is suffering a huge downturn in revenues,this is not the time to spend millions on a golf venue. The clubhouse also has a historical value, as we’ve seen many other important historical buildings disappear over decades of “improvement”.

    I would however be supportive if Seattle Golf members and enthusiasts anti-up 85% of the costs
    with higher golf fees and memberships, who are a small minority of Seattlites who would be using the facility now or as it would be, with modernizing costs the City doesn’t have. L L

  2. Lenny! Nice to have your comments here, but they only “count” if through the form on! 🙂

  3. Thanks Rob, I did send the message to the city council, now that you mention it, I will also write to our esteemed mayor.

  4. I wonder who the Preferred designers and builders are and whose campaigns they are donateing to. Nothing like watching the new guard destroy Seattle’s heritage. Befor you know it will have a South Lake Union Situation up here on Beacon.

  5. The comment period for the Jefferson Park Golf project is extended until 3/28, per citizen request.

    The Parks Department has alternative plans, with estimates, for a refurbished single story driving range structure and a renovated and expanded clubhouse. You can view them here: on pages 35-37

    The alternative restoration option will save the city $1,586,000, compared to the Parks Department’s very expensive “Prefered Option”.

    Maybe then the Parks Department will have enough money left over to repair the sixty golf ball holes in the gymnasium siding.

  6. It’s good to hear Parks and others have an alternate plan for work to enlarge and refurbish the historic Club House. and save more that $1,500,000 which the City/Parks and Recreation doesn’t
    have to “save” anyway.
    Part of the refurbishment could be the kitchen for sure, to serve food that non-golfers
    would enjoy. Perhaps also repair the golf/greens and holes.
    Sorry to be repetitive ,but from reports, the Jefferson Golf Course and related,
    is the only venue profitable for Parks.

    Perhaps the avid golfers would anti-up a little more for greens fees and cart rentals, etc.
    I’m sure, with excellent planning, the Club House can be redone in a manner to keep it’s
    historic exterior and interior, keeping it’s values as a vintage Club House. It is a
    valuable asset to Beacon Hill . Here’s to more holes in one !

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