4 thoughts on “New paint on Beacon Avenue”

  1. The Mural on the Bar del Corso is very colorful and the theme fits the establishment and Beacon Hill.
    The recent mention of painting a mural on the I-90 retaining wall at the south end of
    the 12th Ave. Bridge would look great with that type of mural ,but adding more
    subjects and artwork to show the diversity of our neighborhood(s). We will look forward
    to any ideas, as well, that will be visible for a long time to come. This should also be
    done with out cost, except perhaps the cost of the paint and necessary access
    to the wall. L L

  2. Lenny tried to post a reply that didn’t get through to the blog. Here is what it said:

    “Hi Gina, Well,any ideas on a mural are in a very preliminary stage.I do not know anyone specifically taking the lead on the the mural. It would be quite an undertaking, probably using a bucket lift parked on the MTST, etc. With the hugh squares marked in the concrete, it could be like ‘paint by number’, or just a row or two of squares at the upper level, like a panorama.

    “I had brought up the idea some time ago. There was only one idea brought up that I saw. That was just a hugh sign saying BEACON HILL , I would like to see a colorful mural portraying our diversity and our many cultures on Beacon Hill.

    “While I am not a principle in the idea, currently , I would not want a rendering of something agreed to only by one person. There should be some kind of ‘contest of ideas everyone would like and agree to, as it will be quite permanent.

    “Sorry to digress, but again, more information needs to be forthcoming, and which I do not have.”

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