Hit-and-run victim seeks witnesses of 3/25 accident

Abde Elshafei. Photo courtesy of Niko Kirov.
Abde Elshafei. Photo courtesy of Niko Kirov.
We recently received the following message from a neighbor:

From Abde Elshafei and Family:

Dear North Beacon Hill Neighbors,

I moved to the neighborhood last August in a house that my friend Niko purchased on 12th Ave S. I have experienced nothing but a very friendly and cool vibe from all my new neighbors.

That changed this Monday, March 25th. While riding my bicycle back from the Red Apple market I was struck by a car on the 13th Ave S and S Stevens Street intersection. The impact knocked me completely unconscious, broke my pelvis, injured my shoulder and I received a severe concussion that included bleeding internal to my brain.

I was fortunate enough to survive the accident and I am very grateful for that and I just found out that a few friendly neighbors near that intersection immediately came out to help me and called emergency services.

Unfortunately, the driver that struck me fled the scene and my family and I have been unable to find out who that driver is. The knowledge that we do have is that they were going down south on 13th Ave S in a white or grey sedan and that they made a quick left on S Winthrop Street.

I ask anybody who has any knowledge of said incident to please contact my friend Niko via phone or e-mail. His information is below:

Niko Kirov
(206) 419-8964

Thank you for your help,
Abde and Family

Did you see anything on Monday, March 25 that could help identify this hit-and-run driver? Please contact Niko Kirov or the Seattle Police if you can help.

10 thoughts on “Hit-and-run victim seeks witnesses of 3/25 accident”

  1. I agree, the time would be good to know.
    This is really sad. I live on 12th and Stevens and I see cars barrel through that intersection and all the others throughout this neighborhood for that matter. I think we could stand to have more roundabouts in these intersections, particularly the ones at the bottom of the hills. Not sure how to make that happen, but if someone knows, I would be willing to help see it through.
    Please let us know if there is anything else his family needs.

  2. The incident occurred around 10 p.m. on March 25. Abde was biking home that evening. After leaving the Beacon Light Rail Station, he then bought some groceries at Hilltop Market, and then on the short trip home – was struck by a vehicle at a very high rate of speed. He did not see the car coming.

  3. Hi this is Abde Elshafei.  Thank you to the Beacon Hill Blog for posting.  Special thanks to Niko for putting the story together.  And thank you to everyone for reading, sharing, and contributing to this story.

    Brian’s info is correct, the accident occurred at approximately 10:30pm on Monday, March 25.  Thanks B.

    I am back home and recovering from surgery.  My friends and family are surrounding me and taking care of me.

    If you have any additional information please contact Detective Aaron Parker, Seattle Police Department.
    Det.  Parker can be reached at:  (206)-233-0059.

    Thank you,


  4. Abde is a dear friend and a wonderful person. I do not question his strength and ability to recover from this tragedy but I do seriously question the coward that left him lying in the road after nearly killing him. I would also like to thank the neighbors who came to my friend’s aid. He would’ve done the same for you in a heartbeat so it is only fitting that you were there to help him. If you were witness to this event I urge you to come forward and help the police catch this reckless driver.
    Be well, Abde. We love you, brother.

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