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Yes, the Beacon Pub is moving

Photo by Wendi.
A couple of weeks ago we noted that the owners of the Beacon Pub applied to change the location of their liquor license from the current location at 3057 Beacon Avenue South to 5609 Rainier Avenue South, near Rainier and Orcas.

We recently talked to Kris Coty and Laurie Lusko, who run the pub, and they confirmed that they are moving the business to Hillman City, where it will reopen as the nautical-themed “Orcas Landing.” (Lusko’s Hillman City goal is “to make Columbia City jealous,” she told Seattle Met.) They expect the last day in business on Beacon Avenue to be in October or November. Basically, they say, they lost their lease because the landlord situation changed recently with the death of the building’s owner, and the current landlord is not interested in having a pub in that space.