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Zen classes starting next week

Photo courtesy of Chobo-Ji.
Photo courtesy of Chobo-Ji.
Chobo-Ji, Beacon Hill’s Zen Temple, is offering a four-part series on the basics of Zen philosophy and meditation, starting on Tuesday, October 15.

Classes are Tuesday evenings from 7:30-8:45 p.m. Here’s what will be included:

  • Oct 15 Zazen: the basics of meditation
  • Oct 22 Meditation in motion: walking meditation, working meditation, chanting, tea ceremony
  • Oct 29 Roots of Rinzai Zen philosophy: with Abbot Genjo Marinello on the basics of “koan practice” and the role of the “Zen Master”
  • Nov 5 Zen Meals: the special place that cooking and eating has in Zen practice and life
  • Sunday, Nov 10, 5:00 am- 11:30 am “Mini-Sesshin”: a half-day sampling of what a traditional week-long Zen retreat is like including, chanting, personal interviews with the abbot, a formal meal, meditation, and a Dharma talk

Cost of the series is just $20, or $40 including the half-day on Sunday. All are welcome regardless of ability to pay. Come to one class, or all. For further questions, contact Tobin Fudo Youngs at 425-351-3929.

Chobo-Ji hosts Zen meditation retreat

Photo courtesy of Chobo-Ji.
Photo courtesy of Chobo-Ji.
Neighbor Tobin from Chobo-Ji sent us this announcement about an upcoming event on North Beacon Hill:

Chobo-Ji, the Zen temple on S. Horton, has a three-day meditation retreat that is aimed at beginners and older folks interested in getting a more intimate experience of what Zen meditation is.

It is from Friday-Sunday August 23-25 from 7am-8pm, ending at 4pm on Sunday. Three vegetarian meals will be provided. Cost is $100. The description from our website is as follows:

“Odayaka” means peaceful in Japanese and this Sesshin is a little less arduous with more dialogue than our weeklong sesshins. It is especially suited for Dharma Dragons (practitioners over 60) and others looking for a more spacious daily schedule. Each day begins with zazen at 7AM, followed by a flexible schedule with breakfast at 8AM, lunch at noon, dinner at 6PM and close at 8PM. Sunday the sesshin will close at 4PM. A vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served each day with zazen, kinhin (walking meditation) dokusan (private interviews with the Abbot), teisho (dharma talk), chanting, qi gong, dialogue and personal time for reflection and integration. Cost is $100. To hold a spot please send a deposit of at least $25 as soon as possible. For more information email zen@choboji.org.”

Classes, retreats, and a book club coming up at Chobo-Ji

Zen Radicals, Rebels, and Reformers is the featured book at the upcoming Chobo-Ji book club.
Zen Radicals, Rebels, and Reformers is the featured book at the upcoming Chobo-Ji book club.
The Chobo-Ji Zen Temple at 1733 S. Horton St. in North Beacon Hill has some upcoming events, including Zen meditation classes, a book club, and a three-day meditation retreat. Read on for the details:

The Zen Meditation class series is a four-week introduction to the spiritual practice of Zen on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m., followed by a Sunday retreat. The schedule includes:

  • 4/16 Zazen: the practice of Zen Meditation
  • 4/23 Meditation in Motion: tea service, chanting, bowing, walking meditation
  • 4/30 Zen Meals: cooking and eating in Zen
  • 5/7 Rinzai Zen with Rev. Genjo Marinello
  • Sunday, 5/12, 5-11:30 a.m. A half-day Zen retreat

Interested folks are welcome to attend one or all classes. The suggested donation is $20 for the class series, and $40 for the classes and the half-day retreat. More info is on the class flyer here.

The Chobo-Ji Zen Book Club will be reading the book Zen Radicals, Rebels and Reformers by Manfred Steger and Perle Besserman, and meeting at Chobo-Ji to discuss it from April 11 to June 6, every Thursday evening at 7:00-8:30 p.m. Detailed information about the schedule is in the flyer here. Each session will mix dialogue and meditation. The suggested donation is $5 per meeting, and guests may attend all sessions, or individual classes. Cookies and tea will be provided.

On Friday to Sunday, April 19-21, Chobo-Ji will host a 3-day Odayaka Sesshin Zen meditation retreat. Odayaka means gentle and peaceful, and sesshin refers to a period of meditation. According to the info from Chobo-Ji, “This Zen meditation retreat will be structured and conducted in a less rigorous style than our usual retreats. There will be more dialogue, movement, accommodationfor physical limits, and a less intense schedule. It is open to young and old; anybody who wants serious spiritual practice without the sometimes limiting severity of a typical zen retreat.”

To register for all or part of the retreat, email zen@choboji.org to confirm your spot.