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The Swinery’s supposed shortcuts

Rebekah Denn at Devouring sEATtle follows up on her previous article about the surprise and sudden shutdown of fledgling cured meat emporium The Swinery. Getting the story from the Seattle and King County Public Health department, it sounds like a series of straight-ahead permitting problems, for both the sale and previous production of the meats. A hearing is set for today.

Additionally, the article has attracted plenty of anonymous grousing about proprietor Gabriel Claycamp and Culinary Communion. Take appropriate anonymous-internet-commenter precautions when reading.

Check out the article hosted by the P-I.

The Swinery brings home the bacon — again!

Meats galore. Photo by Timothy Vollmer.
Meats galore. Photo by Timothy Vollmer.
After selling a half-ton of bacon in less than one day, The Swinery at Culinary Communion announces another half-ton currently curing will be available later this month, just in time for the holidays! You can pre-order on their new Swinery website, and they’ll even deliver orders of 50 pounds or more.

If bacon’s not your thing (what??) they’re also offering other meats, from duck to veal to pancetta. And they’re looking for contacts that can help them get their delectable wares into farmers markets around town. Let ’em know if you can help out.

From beneath Culinary Communion comes: The Swinery

Barbecue and meat lovers get ready!

Rebekah Denn notes in her Devouring sEATtle blog that Culinary Communion‘s Gabriel Claycamp is preparing to expand into a retail operation selling BBQ, chicken and veal stock, sandwiches, bacon, and a variety of cured meats. Permits have been submitted and preparations made for turning the basement of the building into “The Swinery.”

The article doesn’t mention if these products will be available for purchase directly from The Swinery’s home here on Beacon Hill, instead mentioning plans to take the savories across town one day a week for sale near the West Seattle Farmers Market. Let’s hope there will be something a little closer to satisfy a fine bacon or barbecue hankering.