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Crime notes: Faux-police, Sunday strangeness, scanner updates

Police Impersonator Robs Three Men in Beacon HillSeattleCrime.com

* * *

Some items of note from the BAN and Beaconhill mailing lists:

  • Katrina noted a dark teal Toyota Corolla being driven recklessly at high speeds around the neighborhood near 20th and Brandon recently.
  • Sometime overnight on the 26th, Mike’s white 1997 Subaru station wagon was stolen from where it was parked on 13th and Judkins.
  • Sunday evening, Mahalie and others along Cheasty had a suspicious visit from a supposed door-to-door magazine salesman.
  • Lindsay mentioned seeing a man driving slowly through the neighborhood near 15th and Dawson on Sunday in a tan Crown Victoria-like sedan, taking photos of houses. Willie wondered if he saw the same guy near 20th and Hanford the same night.
  • Hazel mentioned a neighbor’s property on 20th between Hinds and Spokane had been broken into on Sunday. Maryann responded that she’d seen a couple of kids in baggy clothing acting shifty as she walked along 19th near Spokane Street around 5 or 6pm that night.

* * *

Today’s bhnw.org’s scanner logs included reports of:

  • Houses being cased near 13th and Walker.
  • A burglary near Columbia Drive and South Pearl Street.
  • A forced-entry robbery with weapons at 24th and Graham, with a K-9 unit responding and Graham Street east and west of Beacon Avenue being closed for the search.
  • A broken window and signs of entry near 20th and Ferdinand.