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A look back at October

The last few weeks have been good for photographers on Beacon Hill, many of whom have been adding wonderful photos to the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr. Here are some of the amazing Beacon Hill images from October. Your photos are welcome in the pool as well, and we’d especially like to see your views of the newly opened Jefferson Park.

Photo by Bridget Christian.
Roasted corn from MacPherson's. Photo by Joel Lee.
Raccoons are common visitors to Beacon Hill yards. Photo by Bridget Christian.
On October 29, Joel Lee took this photo of the Lander Festival Street in a morning fog.
The Chief Sealth Trail extension is now under construction from Beacon Avenue to 15th Avenue South. Photo by kashgroves.
Strange Halloween decorations in a Beacon Hill yard. Photo by Melissa Jonas.
El Centro de la Raza in the fog. Photo by Joel Lee.

June sights around Beacon Hill

Photos from the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.

Fire juggling at the NEPO art and performance event last weekend. Photo by Dan Bennett.
One of the many raccoons that call Beacon Hill home. Photo by Freeman Mester.
Stickers added to a "voting poster" at last weekend's Beacon Hill Festival. (We'll be posting images of all the posters to the blog soon.) Photo by Wendi.
More fire at the NEPO event. Photo by Dan Bennett.