Celebration of “our champion” Chuck Caddey’s life at ice cream social, July 4

Chuck Caddey. Photo courtesy of Willie Weir.
Chuck Caddey. Photo courtesy of Willie Weir.
Willie Weir writes:

On Father’s Day, June 21st, we lost a dear friend.

Chuck Caddey died on Sunday, surrounded by his family.

Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club would not be the thriving, healthy organization it is today without Chuck Caddey. He served as the club’s president from 1999 through 2007. For many of us, Chuck was our first introduction to the club–a warm handshake and a smile. Everyone felt welcome when Chuck was on the greens.

When Chuck came on as president, the club was in trouble. Membership had dwindled and many people thought the club was destined to close. But Chuck was determined to introduce a new generation to the sport and place he loved. Every Wednesday night (Fridays later on) Chuck hosted free nights open to the public. One by one he built a new core group.

Many of those people (and I am one of them) were drawn first to the spirit and kindness of Chuck, and only later embraced the sport of lawn bowling.

Chuck’s joy came from seeing “young people” out on the greens. He had the uncanny ability to teach you to bowl, convince you to join the club and ask if you’d like to be on the board… all in one night.

He wasn’t much for competition. He never played in a national championship. But he will always be our champion.

July 4th is the Chuck Caddey Independence Day Ice Cream Social & Open Bowling (7pm). Marge (Chuck’s wife) thought that would be the best time for us to honor Chuck’s life. It just so happens that Chuck and Marge met on July 4, 1952.

Come on out and celebrate the life of our president, friend, and champion.

— Willie Weir
Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club

More about Link light rail opening festivities

A Link train arrives at Othello Station in Rainier Valley. Photo by Oran Viriyincy.
A Link train arrives at Othello Station in Rainier Valley. Photo by Oran Viriyincy.
We mentioned the Link Light Rail opening weekend festivities the other day. Here’s some more information about the celebration. Opening Day is Saturday, July 18, with free rides from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm. There will also be free rides on Sunday, July 19, from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. (After opening weekend, Link will be on its normal schedule.) There will be a Welcome Portal located on South Lander Street, just north of the station plaza. Staff will be on hand there to answer questions.

Sound Transit tells us that there will be lines, and you should be prepared to wait. They expect from 50,000 to 100,000 riders to ride Link that weekend. (To give you an idea of how big that number is — the population of Seattle is 602,000. So potentially one in six Seattleites will ride Link on opening weekend.) Because of the large crowds, South Lander Street will be closed to vehicle traffic between Beacon and 17th; it’s been closed for several years already for construction, so we should be used to it.

If you need to ride the bus somewhere during that weekend, be aware that buses will not be using the tunnel, and tunnel buses will be on their surface routes instead.

Though rides opening weekend are free, after that you will need to pay. Consider getting an ORCA Card soon. You can use the ORCA on the bus, train, and ferry. (You can still pay with cash, but you’ll have to buy tickets in the train station. There won’t be fareboxes on the trains.)

A bit of station trivia: Each station has an icon, or “pictogram” that represents the station and its area, visually. Beacon Hill Station’s pictograph is a kite, representing “a sense of light and air, as well as community spaces and summer picnics, items that play prominent roles in Beacon Hill’s neighborhood plan and history.” See more about the pictograms and their meanings in this PDF from Sound Transit.

County Council adopts Metro route changes

The changes to southeast Seattle bus routes that have been discussed for the past several months have now been adopted by the Metropolitan King County Council and will be in effect September 19, 2009.

The changes include: (emphasis mine)

  • Revise routing on ten routes (8, 9 Express, 14, 36, 38, 39, 42, 48, 106, 107).
  • Provide more frequent service on six routes (8, 38, 39 [Sundays], 48, 106, 107).
  • Expand the hours of service on two routes (8, 60).
  • Discontinue routes 32 and 42 Express and provide fewer trips on routes 7 Express, 34 Express, 39, and 42.

Man killed in late-night shooting in the Jungle

At around 11:30pm Friday night in the wooded area on the west side of the hill by the freeway known as “the Jungle”, a man in his 50s was shot. He died in surgery after being transported to Harborview.

Additional details from the SPDBlotter:

Preliminary information at the scene indicates that the shooting might have stemmed from an argument between the victim and another individual who camps in the same area.

The suspects, two or three males, ran southbound underneath the freeway. Officers set up containment, the King County Sheriff’s helicopter, Guardian One, was called in, and K9 tracked for while, but officers did not locate the suspects. Detectives from Homicide and CSI responded to process the scene. The Homicide Unit will be responsible for the follow up investigation.

Piñata Party cancelled; ride Link instead

This sign advertised the 2007 Piñata Party in Stevens Place Park. Sadly, there wont be a party this year. Photo by Laura Hadden.
This sign advertised the 2007 Piñata Party in Stevens Place Park. Sadly, there won't be a party this year. Photo by Laura Hadden.
We apologize for the lack of posts recently. We had some technical difficulties after our server move a couple of days ago. (Incidentally, if you mailed us in the last couple of days, you may need to resend.)

We wanted to mention something we missed posting about earlier. The Piñata Party, held for the last few years in Stevens Place Park (or Triangle Park) on Beacon Avenue in mid-July has been cancelled for this year. Jon Gould wrote to the mailing list:

Hi Neighbors,

We’ve decided to skip the annual Piñata Party in Triangle Park (Stevens and Beacon) this year.

We had originally planned the event for July 18th. Now that’s Link Light Rail’s first day. After thinking about it, we decided to take this year off and come back with a great party in 2010. The tentative date we set is Saturday, July 10, 2010.

If you want to help organize the 2010 Piñata Party, let me know and we’ll connect closer to the event.

Happy summer!

Jon Gould, for the Piñata Party Organizing Committee

Though there won’t be a Piñata Party that day, Sound Transit promises that “stations from Westlake to Tukwila will include a Welcome Portal and family-friendly entertainment.” Train rides will also be free. So visiting the Beacon Hill light rail station and riding to the other stations should be a fun alternative, though — as far as we know — there won’t be any piñatas there.

The RPZ is coming soon

If you see this in your usual parking area, youll need to get a pass. Photo by Wendi.
If you see this in your usual parking area, you'll need to get a pass. Photo by Wendi.
In the last couple of weeks, new signs have been posted around the light rail station areas, with parking limitations “except by zone permit.” New Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs) are going into effect in July, to prevent people from using the neighborhoods immediately around each light rail station as unofficial park-and-rides. Park too long in an RPZ without the official city sticker declaring you as a resident, and you’ll get a ticket. (No, your “BeHi” sticker won’t help.)

The zones are in effect from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm on weekdays, limiting parking to two hours unless you have an RPZ pass. General information on the RPZ passes and how to apply may be found here, along with specific information for the zones at Beacon Hill, Mount Baker (McClellan), Columbia City, Othello, and Rainier Beach.

Pass fees are waived until spring 2011 for residents near the light rail stations, limited to two free resident passes and one free guest pass per household. There is a cost for additional permits.

On the BHB Forum: Burglary on Beacon Avenue

If you haven’t browsed the Beacon Hill Blog site much, you might have missed the link to the Forum. The Forum is an area where readers of this blog can post questions, ask for recommendations, and participate in discussions.

Recently, a neighbor reported the following crime in the Open Line Time section of the Forum:

“I live at 3026 Beacon Ave. S. #101, on Beacon Ave. between Stevens and Hanford. Between 2:30 PM and 3:15 PM on Sunday, June 21st, in broad daylight, my apartment was broken into and numerous items were taken. A civilian’s camera in the back parking lot showed no activity during those times. Since one of the items taken was a large, heavy television, the burglars must have had a vehicle parked in front of the building on Beacon Ave. Did anyone see/hear anything suspicious or unusual in this area during those times?”

Please post in the Forum discussion if you can help.

Art underground

Artwork by Dan Corson at the Beacon Hill light rail station. Photo courtesy of Barbara Luecke at Sound Transit.
Artwork by Dan Corson at the Beacon Hill light rail station. Photo courtesy of Barbara Luecke at Sound Transit.

What is this? Is it a microscopic view of a virus, or pollen? Nope, it’s some of the gorgeous artwork in the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station. Barbara Luecke, the art program manager for Sound Transit, has posted a series of wonderful photos of the station artwork (along with other Link light rail art) on Flickr. The Beacon Hill pictures are on page 2 of the photo set.

In other station news, the Seattle Times’ Mike Lindblom discusses Mount Baker Station just down the hill, in the latest of an ongoing series about the rail stations.

Charges filed against two attackers of Beacon Hill man

Charges have been filed against two men accused of the recent attack on Beacon Hill resident Dawit Alemu. Kenneth Anthony Fisher Jr., 19, and Justin Lee Phillips, 20, have been charged with first-degree assault and first-degree attempted robbery, and remain in jail on $200,000 bail and $250,000 bail respectively.

Alemu suffered severe brain injuries in the June 18 attack, in which five men beat and kicked him in the 1900 block of 13th Avenue South, then ran, leaving him for dead.

The Seattle Times and Seattle P-I both have further information on this case.