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Crime notes quickie: Arrests made nearby

Just a couple of arrests made on the Hill recently:

23-year-old Isaiah Henry Nelson-Harris, a suspect in a March 28, 2010 shooting that occurred near 46th Ave S and S Brandon St, was arrested at a home near 12th Ave S and S Oregon St. New details indicate the shooting may have been in self-defense. — SeattleCrime.com and the SPD Blotter

The F-Bomb Bandit was arrested at her mother’s Beacon Hill homeSeattle P-I

Crime notes: Smash-and-grabs and a bank robbery

Crime map
V - Vehicle break-ins, B - Burglaries, R - Robberies, S - Shots fired
Rosie Kirby writes, hoping someone might have seen something of interest today near her home that was burgled today:

We live on the corner of 13th and Hill St. in North Beacon Hill. Our house was broken into with what looks like possibly some sort of crowbar or having kicked in the door somewhere between 7:10 a.m. and 4 p.m. today, 2/22/10. Our neighbor (these are town homes) reports that she heard the door open and shutting around 1:00 p.m. but did not think to look and see if anything was going on. Luckily, not too much was stolen; however, we would appreciate any information or if anyone saw any suspicious activity. The burglar may have left with the laptops, money, and miscellaneous in a brown QFC paper bag. We had one hanging in the kitchen for recycling and they dumped the contents onto the couch.

If you may have any information that could help track down the thieves or recovery their stolen property, please call Rosie at 701-610-4555 or Seth at 206-914-0557 or email rak711@hotmail.com.

* * *

Recent selected BHNW-logged scanner activity:

  • 2/15 7:15pm near 29th and Hudson — Gunshots
  • 2/16 3:45pm near Beacon and McClellan — Bank robbery*
  • 2/17 6:15pm near 21st and Columbia Drive — Burglary/casing
  • 2/17 8:30pm near Beacon and Monroe — iPod robbery**
  • 2/18 1:30pm near Spokane and Columbian Way — Burglary
  • 2/18 8:00pm near 28th and Columbian Way — Gunshots

* Oddly, there are no additional details currently to be found about this bank robbery than what’s in the scanner logs at bhnw.org and CDNews.

** The time doesn’t quite match up, but the location and crime description sounds like “Robbery On Metro Bus on Beacon Hill Last Night” at SeattleCrime.com.

* * *

April Jahns reported a Saturday-night smash-and-grab on the mailing list and followed up with video:

Some punk smashed the passenger side window of our minivan last night. We got it on video – it’s pretty grainy, though. When Ryan is done converting and snipping and whatever else he has to do to the footage I’ll post it on youtube and send a link to the listserv. The person had to rifle around for a minute before finding a grocery bag (hid well out of sight) to find my stash of Valentine’s Day candy conversation hearts. Maybe he’ll get a cavity as his punishment.

We did call the police and since we have the video an officer came out and he dusted the van for prints and will pick up a copy of the video tomorrow. He couldn’t stress enough how important it is for us to call when we see someone suspicious walking around – it enables the officers to talk to fishy looking people. He said the report allows them to pull suspicious looking people over to talk to them. Of course, this happened at 5:10 am – if I had seen him walking by my house I would have seen him breaking into my car. A
car around the corner from us was broken into as well. The officer said there have been lots of prowls in this area (I’m at 16th & Bayview) and they have been patrolling but the commission of the crime is so fast that its hard to catch them in the act.

* * *

Mike Rosen wrote about another smash-and-grab Sunday night on the BAN list:

We live on the 1300 block of 13th Avenue South, close to Atlantic. Around 2 am the car alarm on our Honda went off. (I am sure some of you heard it.) One of us went down to check. No signs of break in. This morning I left for work and noticed the Eclipse that was parked behind the Honda had had its driver’s window shattered. I called 911 to report it, and they said that the owner must call it in. I left a note for the car’s owner. My older Subaru had not been broken into.

* * *

Update: While preparing this entry, there was a report of a man shot near the Mount Baker light rail station. From the SPD Blotter:

On February 22nd at approximately 7:11 p.m. officers on patrol heard shots fired near the light rail tracks at MLK Way South and South Winthrop Street. Officers searched further and discovered an adult male victim (possibly in his 30’s) who had sustained a through and through gunshot wound to the arm. The victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

Officers are currently interviewing additional persons who were in the area at the time of the shooting. A possible suspect vehicle was seen fleeing the area. That vehicle is described as a green Chevy Impala with shiny chrome rims. There is no suspect description available at this time. Officers continue to actively investigate this incident. Gang Unit detectives have been notified and will be conducting the follow up investigation.

SeattleCrime.com has been updating with additional information.

Candlelight vigil Xmas Eve, memorial fund created

A candlelight vigil supporting Renee Morgan, mother of Jennifer Morgan and grandmother of Ema, the victims in yesterday’s shooting, will be held near the home where they were found at 13th Avenue South and South Ferdinand Street. The community gathering begins at 5:30.

Additionally, a memorial fund has been established. Contributions may be made to:

Jennifer and Ema Morgan Memorial Fund
Washington Federal Savings Bank
4800 Rainier Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98118

Thanks to the Columbia City Blog for the heads-up.

Shooting near 13th & Ferdinand – Updated with photo

Update: Please scroll down for a photo and official description of a person of interest in this crime.

According to the bhnw.org scanner logs, a shooting occurred around 10:15 this morning in the 1300 block of South Ferdinand Street.

In the logged reports, the suspected shooter is described as a mixed race male with a shaved head and tattoo on right forearm, possibly of the City Light emblem. He departed the scene in a white Chevy truck with the license plate A68135Z. If you see this vehicle, please contact police immediately.

10:55 Update: It appears that two people were shot, one fatally. A chaplain has been dispatched to the scene.

11:05 Update: If the tattoo description is accurate, the City Light emblem is the City of Seattle logo, seen at right.

11:15 Update: KING5 reports that a 14-month-old child and her mother were found dead at the scene.

11:20 Update: The police have not yet issued an official description of the suspect. They are expected to have a briefing around noon.

12:45 Update: The Seattle Times has more, including comments from local block watch captain and nearby neighbor Bob Thomas.

13:25 Update: KOMO‘s Beacon Hill News has photos from the scene.

13:55 Update: SeattleCrime.com has dug up some background information on the person the police are looking for in connection with this crime, and his history of anger problems.

14:10 Update: KOMO radio reporter Marina Rockinger corrects the age of the infant victim as only 14 weeks (via Twitter).

15:20 Update: The Seattle Times has an updated article.

15:25 Update: A “person of interest” has been named and a photograph provided via the SPD Blotter:

Daniel Thomas Hicks, person of interest in the 12/22 shooting at 13th & Ferdinand. Photo from spdblotter.seattle.gov

Homicide detectives responded and developed information on an adult person of interest, Daniel Thomas Hicks, a 29-year old light-skinned male. Hicks is 6′ 4″, 160 lbs., with brown eyes and short hair. He may be driving a white 2006 Chevrolet pickup truck with a chrome tool box in the bed, displaying Washington license plate number A68135Z. Do not approach Hicks, as he is considered armed and dangerous.

If you have any information about this crime, please call 911 or the Seattle Police Homicide Unit at 206-233-5000.

12/23 10:30 Update: The “person-of-interest”-hunt continues. — Seattle Times

12/23 14:15 Update: The victim’s name has been released. Jennifer Morgan, age 28. — Seattle Times

12/24 10:30 Update: Also in the Times, “a friend says something changed in the past year. Daniel Thomas Hicks stopped working and, slowly, became possessive and temperamental.”

12/24 10:40 Update: Hicks now officially a suspect in this crime. — SPD Blotter

12/24 16:15 Update: Hicks has been officially charged and appears to be on the run in California. — KOMO
The Stranger has a PDF of the charging documents.

12/24 18:50 Update: SeattleCrime.com covers several disturbing details revealed in the charging documents, including that the shooter spent an entire clip, reloaded, and continued firing.

Additional details as they come in.

Parkland shooting suspect reported captured, dead in Othello area

According to scanner reports, the suspect in the Lakewood police shootings, Maurice Clemmons, was captured earlier this morning in the 4400 block of South Kenyon Street, and KIRO 7, KIRO 97.3, CBS Radio News, and several other local media outlets have just now reported that he is dead.

The location on South Kenyon is east of Beacon Hill, in the Brighton/Othello neighborhood on the other side of Martin Luther King Way South. On Monday, police swarmed North Beacon Hill on 17th Avenue, and near the Jungle and Jose Rizal Bridge in pursuit of Clemmons.

On Twitter, @rahnerseatimes (Mark Rahner of the Seattle Times) reports that there was a shooting at the South Kenyon location at around 2:39 am, and that “Clemmons (is) said to have challenged police who approached him and was shot.”

Movement was seen inside the house near which Clemmons was captured, and SWAT teams have moved in and a perimeter has been set up around the house.

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Man shot in buttocks at John C. Little Park last night

Via the SPD Blotter:

On October 15th, at approximately 7:15 p.m., South Precinct officers responded to a call of a shooting in John Little Park in the 7000 Block of Holly Park Drive South. The call stated that shots had been fired inside the park and that lots of people were seen running from the scene. Officers arrived and located a 22-year old man who had been struck by a single gunshot in the buttocks. No one else was injured. The wound is not considered life-threatening, and the victim was transported to the hospital for treatment. Neither the victim or the several people with the victim could provide officers with any information about what had occurred. The Gang Unit will conduct the follow up investigation.

Beacon Bits: Jungle shooting, health inspections, Night Out block parties

Man killed in late-night shooting in the Jungle

At around 11:30pm Friday night in the wooded area on the west side of the hill by the freeway known as “the Jungle”, a man in his 50s was shot. He died in surgery after being transported to Harborview.

Additional details from the SPDBlotter:

Preliminary information at the scene indicates that the shooting might have stemmed from an argument between the victim and another individual who camps in the same area.

The suspects, two or three males, ran southbound underneath the freeway. Officers set up containment, the King County Sheriff’s helicopter, Guardian One, was called in, and K9 tracked for while, but officers did not locate the suspects. Detectives from Homicide and CSI responded to process the scene. The Homicide Unit will be responsible for the follow up investigation.

Man shot twice stopped near Amazon HQ

The Seattle Times reports that around 3:45 a 42-year old man was shot twice, hit in the shoulder and the hip, somewhere in the 1200 block of 12th Ave S. He was alert and oriented when the medics took him to Harborview. Police offered no further details, however Beacon Hill Neighborhood Watch did mention that the shooter fled westbound and that the nearby school was briefly locked down.

Update: The Rainier Valley Post has a number of differing details on the story: the victim was dropped off at the PacMed with gunshot wounds, not shot there. Also, while known, the victim would not divulge the name of the shooter, planning to “take care of it” himself.

Update 2: Seattle911 has even more details, along with the possibility that the shooting may have occurred in the 5500 block of South Avon Street, and that the school locked-down was Rainier View Elementary.

Update 3: KIRO 7 reports that “eyewitness saw a person lying on the sidewalk near 67th Avenue South and South Bangor Street with a gunshot wound,” and KOMO 4 mentioned that the victim may be linked to one or more of three shootings that occurred across the south end this afternoon.