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Follow along at beaconhillbungalow.blogspot.com as new Beacon Hill neighbors Laura and “Labor Foreman” (does that make her Laura Foreman?) utterly disassemble and then put back together a 1920 bungalow to their own design. They’ve been doing mostly demolition since getting started just over a month ago, and are now gearing up for rebuilding. Everything from plumbing to insulation to counter tops is just beginning to come together now.

It saddens me a bit to see the house with so much original craftsmanship be completely gutted. Here’s hoping their plans are not only perfect for them, but are also well-suited to the bones and character of the house.

Welcome, Laura and “Labor”! (I think his name is actually Justin.)

2 thoughts on “Bungalow renovation blog”

  1. welcome to the neighborhood-I recognize your house from the photos. I live 2 blocks away in a very similar 1911 2 story bungalow. Thankfully our house was left untoughed in a good way so we have had fun with easier projects. Send me an email if you want to pop over and meet your neighbors and see a very original 1911 bungalow!

  2. Levecke, ours is a 1911 bungalow too, with lots of original details.

    Maybe a bunch of us bungalow owners up here on the hill should meet sometime and compare notes on our houses!

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