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Jefferson Park Golf renovation proposal presented to Design Commission

A proposed design for the new Jefferson Park Golf Clubhouse, as viewed from the Beacon Avenue side.

Bassetti Architects has recently presented a version of the development concept for the Jefferson Park Golf Course renovation to the city’s Design Commission. You can view it here (PDF). It appears to be a PowerPoint-type presentation, so it’s a bit sparse.

This graphic shows the existing driving range lighting (top) and the proposed new lighting (bottom).

The general project page is here. Most of what is in the new presentation was also in the December 15 public meeting presentation. (If there are any substantial changes I missed, please let me know!)

The current Jefferson Park Golf Clubhouse, which would be torn down and replaced with a new two-story clubhouse under this proposal, was recently nominated for landmark status. The City of Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board will hold a public meeting to consider the landmark nomination on next Wednesday, February 15 at 3:30 p.m. in the Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Ave., Suite 1700. All interested may attend. If you can’t attend and still wish to comment, you can comment by email to beth.chave@seattle.gov, or by regular mail to the address in the previous post.

Bungalow renovation blog

Follow along at beaconhillbungalow.blogspot.com as new Beacon Hill neighbors Laura and “Labor Foreman” (does that make her Laura Foreman?) utterly disassemble and then put back together a 1920 bungalow to their own design. They’ve been doing mostly demolition since getting started just over a month ago, and are now gearing up for rebuilding. Everything from plumbing to insulation to counter tops is just beginning to come together now.

It saddens me a bit to see the house with so much original craftsmanship be completely gutted. Here’s hoping their plans are not only perfect for them, but are also well-suited to the bones and character of the house.

Welcome, Laura and “Labor”! (I think his name is actually Justin.)