Beacon Bits: Jungle shooting, health inspections, Night Out block parties

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  1. In reading the SPD-Blotter

    “The responding officers gathered witnesses from the surrounding camps and kept them at the scene.”

    How many frecking camps are down there?!? I thought it was a public health issue and illegal to camp in the green belt and under I-5.

    If they were patrolling the area and keeping people out of there maybe we would not be having people shot down there.

  2. I knew more about this during the years I was involved with the dog park at Rizal, both as user and steward, but have not paid too much attention in the last couple years. Generally, you are right on. For sure it is a public health issue and in fact it is illegal to camp down there. I put a lot of time and energy into the design, construction, and maintenance of that dog park but finally stopped going to the park altogether after threatening encounters with “residents” and after getting tired of frequently having to practically steam clean my dog after he would seek out and roll in their freshly laid piles because they can’t be bothered walking right up the hill to the restroom.

    There is sporadic enforcement and clearing of the area, but the homeless advocate groups cry foul that the city is harrassing the homeless and should just leave them alone. Years ago there was a plan to create a no-trespassing area down there where just being in that area was cause for questioning and removal by police, who would regularly patrol the area, but it fell through for some reason. One of the problems is that ownership of the land is a mish-mash of SDOT, WashDOT, Parks, and I think even some WDFW land for some reason. A consistent action is a bit too much to expect from that group of agencies.

    I have heard the plea many times that these people are harmless homeless folks who we shouldn’t be afraid of and should let be. This is wrong enough of the time to be a dangerous rule to live by if you frequent this area or live adjacent to it. I have been threatened, my wife has been threatened, my dogs have been threatened, etc. I think i will stop there.

  3. Just walk the Jose Rizal bridge, look west and DOWN. It’s like a KOA down there. If you watch closely, everyone crawling outta there tries to avoid being seen, is often high, and probably looking for a way to stay high.

    A friend of mine once asked me if I take the dogs to that park. Yes, I replied. She said “Last time I went some guy in a ski mask chased me out with a hatchet.” It’s pretty crazy. If you think the police don’t know this, think again.

  4. I agree with all. And we must be genuine squeaky wheels. (I doubt the city council or the mayor’s office is reading these blog comments.) Contact the Mayors office and our city council folks and make a racket. This situation is unacceptable and must be addressed.

    Call the Mayor’s office: (206) 684-4000.

    Send a letter: Mayor’s Office, Seattle City Hall 7th floor, 600 Fourth Avenue, P.O. Box 94749, Seattle, WA 98124-4749

    Phone: 206) 684-8806

    Phone: (206) 684-8802


    Phone: (206) 684-8805

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