Open post: Ideas for coping with the heat

A real frosty pitcher of beer. While the ice just waters down the beer and the extreme cold kills the taste, it looks rather inviting nonetheless. Photo by Ubi Desperare Nescio.
A real frosty pitcher of beer. While the ice just waters down the beer and the extreme cold kills the taste, it looks rather inviting nonetheless. Photo by Ubi Desperare Nescio.
The heat is getting to our computer equipment, even. Wendi’s monitor is flickering on and off (mostly off), my little cheap netbook has locked up several times, and the oppressive heat doesn’t make the prospect of sitting with the laptop terribly attractive either.

If you’re not lucky enough to have air conditioning, or if you’re getting a bit stir-crazy being trapped at home by your A/C, what are some places to head to, easily accessible from the hill, where you can hang out for a bit in a cooler atmosphere?

The Beacon Hill branch of the Seattle Public Library has air conditioning. Seventeen branches do. (I’m so sorry, Columbia City — sounds like your A/C-less branch might even be closed today!)

Wandering around inside Red Apple is refreshing, particularly near meats and in the frozen food aisle, lazily pondering which frozen fudge bar or ice cream sandwich would be best, but mostly chilling in the flood of cold air while standing there with the freezer door open.

Last night, we wanted to get out and get a meal somewhere cool with good food and drinks. I recalled the Collins Pub is just a half-block from the Pioneer Square tunnel station. A few blocks walk and we were in the elevator at Beacon Hill station. Once on the platform, it was a very pleasant temperature. A few minutes later, the air conditioned train stopped and we made our way to the Pioneer Square station and then up, out of the 3rd & Yesler entrance. Downhill and around the corner of the Smith Tower and we were at the comfortably cool Collins Pub. (I had a burger, impulsively with Field Roast instead of beef, with fries and tartar sauce. The burger was good, and the fries great. Wendi had a polenta dish with zucchini, broccoli, and a rustic tomato sauce. The polenta was good. The tomato sauce was a bit acid-y, and the broccoli was a surprise — Wendi hates broccoli. Luckily, I love it. Collins Pub offers a good selection of interesting craft beers. I had a pint of 21st Amendment‘s “Hell or High Watermelon Wheat” — surprisingly tasty and refreshing — and one of Ninkasi‘s “Radiant Summer Pale”, which grew on me the lower it got in the glass.)

What we’d like to know is: Where are you going and what are you doing to beat the heat?

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  1. My favorite suggestion is not near Beacon Hill, but it’s this — go ice skating. No one thinks about going to an ice rink in the summer, but it’s the best time. You don’t have to wear a jacket and gloves, the rink is cool and comfortable, and it’s not crowded, since most people don’t think about ice skating in the summertime. There is a rink in Kent and one in Shoreline.

  2. I caught a few words of a news piece on the rinks this morning that suggested some rinks will be free during the “heat wave”. Not a bad idea.

    If you take light rail to Westlake, you can pass through Nordstroms to Pacific Place and see an overpriced movie without even stepping outside. Followed, of course, by a pint or three at Gordon Biersch. Actually, the happy hour at the Mexican restaurant is pretty good until 6 for a pre-movie drink.

    I went outside at about 11 last night and had an urge to pitch my tent in the back yard and sleep outside. So much cooler than inside the house.

  3. Community centers have air conditioning–including Jefferson Park. I work at Cascade People’s Center in South Lake Union, and we’re a “cooling station”. If you have a gym or YMCA membership, now is a good time to go–especially if there’s a pool.

    We went to Vince’s on the train. Link is perfectly air conditioned; Vince’s…not so much. The banquet room has working A/C, but the rest of the place is fans. Still cooler than home. We tried Pacific Place first, but every restaurant had long lines, so we hopped the train.

    I’ve been soaking the dog down & putting her and the cats in the basement. We’ve been sleeping the basement. It’s lovely.

  4. I’m so grateful we have friends that live at the Harwood on N. Beacon. We’ve certainly been indulging in the pool these past few weeks!

    I was thinking of taking my boy to the EMP tomorrow, they have air conditioning, don’t they?

  5. Pitchers of beer can be had at the Beacon Pub. No A/C, but they do have a covered patio.

    Your next closest pitcher is probably Georgetown, but you know that JvA. Cheers!

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