Beacon Bits: Street food, dangerous planting strips, and the Swinery… again

This guy is darned happy with his food from Marination Mobile. Photo by Daryn Nakhuda.
This guy is darned happy with his food from Marination Mobile. Photo by Daryn Nakhuda.
Lots of Bits today, so here goes…

David Gackenbach reminded us of something we haven’t mentioned on the blog, but have via Twitter: Marination Mobile brings their truck o’ deliciousness to North Beacon Hill (near Amazon and Jose Rizal Park) most every Thursday around lunchtime. Check their web schedule, or follow them (curb_cuisine) on Twitter.

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Keyunda Wilson at Van Asselt Elementary writes to invite everyone to a Community Play Day at the new Van Asselt site (the former African-American Academy, 8311 Beacon Avenue South) on Thursday, September 24 from 3:30-5:30 pm. The event will feature active playground games, face painting, and environmental education. Everyone is invited to participate.

* * *

Among King County’s new liquor license applications, we notice this one:

Notification Date: 9/18/2009
Business Name: JAVA LOVE CAFE’
Business Location: 2414 BEACON AVE S, SEATTLE, WA 98144-5035
Liquor License Type: SPIRITS/BR/WN REST LOUNGE +
License Number: 085750

* * *

The recent hot topic on the Beacon Hill Mailing List has been planting strip plantings — specifically, their height and effect on visibility for drivers. Neighbor Rachel wrote “If the need for parking strip planting trumps the safety of others, can we at least agree to keep the height of the plants to a minimum (maybe shorter than a small car so that oncoming traffic can be seen without pulling all the way out into the intersection)?” and listed 15th and McClellan, 21st and McClellan, and 17th and Shelton as problem intersections in this regard.

Another neighbor, David, provided a link to information about heights of plantings in planting strips (as well as other planting strip info).

Neighbor Mira suggested that the safety issue is not entirely related to the plantings: “I agree that plantings are not appropriate in some places because they impede a drivers vision and reduce safety.  But driving too fast and driving distracted (talking on cell phones) reduce safety as well. That’s more common and a lot more wide-spread than inappropriate shrubs and trees in parking strips.  Please, slow down and pay attention.”

* * *

Via Craig Thompson: Everyone is invited to an open house to review the latest plans and discuss ideas and opinions about the Mountains-To-Sound Trail project. The event is at the Beacon Hill International School auditorium, 2025 14th Avenue South from 7:00-8:30 pm on September 30. Refreshments will be served.

* * *

Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess writes with some good news:

The City Council this afternoon passed 9-0 new rules and regulations for farmer’s markets that makes the permit process easier and greatly reduces permit fees. Go shop at your neighborhood farmer’s market!

Now we just need one up here on the Hill.

Burgess also reports that the Council adopted the city’s first Pedestrian Master Plan.

* * *

Over at KOMO’s Beacon Hill news blog, Travis Mayfield spoke to mayoral candidates Mike McGinn and Joe Mallahan (video of their answers is here) about potentially expanding the Alcohol Impact Area city-wide, to address problems in neighborhoods such as Beacon Hill that are just outside of existing AIAs.

* * *

Massive Monkees did not make the final of America’s Best Dance Crew, as they were eliminated on Sunday’s show. But they did an amazing job throughout the season, and Beaconians should be proud of our local crew.

* * *

Remember The Swinery? After bailing on Beacon Hill, it is, probably, opening today in its new location in West Seattle.

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  1. Cool! I was unaware of the Marination Mobile, but love Seattle new mobile food joints (the Falafa truck, Maximus Minimus, etc)… I’m definitely checking that out tomorrow!

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