Crime notes: Assaults and burglaries, briefly

A: Assaults, B: Burglaries
A: Assaults, B: Burglaries

SeattleCrime has details of two assaults and attempted robberies of students that occurred within fifteen minutes and within blocks of each other and of the light rail station in the afternoon of December 1st. Both led off with a request to borrow a cellphone.

SeattleCrime has also published some more information about the suspect apprehended December 2nd after kicking in the door of an occupied condominium and, instead of fleeing entirely, broke into another… where he raided the fridge, used the facilities, and passed out under a bed.

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Additional burglaries reported recently on the BAN list and via BHNW scanner logs:

  • Monday, 18th and Bayview — only prescription drugs and spare change stolen
  • Today, 32nd and Chicago

7 thoughts on “Crime notes: Assaults and burglaries, briefly”

  1. Interesting that there have been two recent cell phone robberies. Someone actually tried to rob my cell phone on the light rail heading into Downtown at about 6:20pm last night using the same tactic. He asked to borrow the phone to make a quick call and when I replied “no” he started yelling and threatening me, got in my face, and made racist comments. He was also intoxicated. This went on for about 5 minutes and there was nothing I could do because I was stuck in my seat in the corner.

    In the meantime everyone else on the train (about 20 people) looked away and ignored the situation. Afterwards a few people came over and asked if they should call security and one said that he had also been threatened. Please, please remember, there’s a reason why there’s an emergency call button on the train! It’s sad to see that no one was willing to step up!

    Since no security was around there wasn’t much I could do after the fact. The guy was about 6 feet tall, white, thin, and with long light brown hair.

  2. Sorry that happened Show Courage!. I’ve been riding light rail since it opened and with the weather getting colder and the simple fact it is being discovered, I’ve noticed bad rider behavior is on the increase. You can report the details of the incident to the Sound Transit Police Customer Service Non-emergency number: 206-903-7676 or via email

  3. Its too bad this kind of thing is happening, folks need to call security when it happens. The Sound Transit stations are all covered by security cameras, so the suspect is on video somewhere.

  4. They need to start making people pay to ride the light rail. Then maybe the bums wouldn’t be on the harassing people.

  5. I’ve been asked several times. Though not as many as I would expect.

    Jason, I think, got ticket-checked twice on the same trip, once!

  6. I get asked to prove I have fare fairly often, but mostly during peak hours.

    Having lived in San Francisco and ridden BART regularly, I can assure Doug that turnstiles that only allow people with valid tickets through don’t keep all the bad behavior off the train.

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